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Dynamics Operations On Premise Setup Part 2: Getting our Cheap On

I love the architecture of this build, but the requirements for a Sandbox environment have gone up from 2 machines (on average) to 13 machines. This alone could scare many people who want the benefits of having an on-premise component strategy on their implementations. But don’t fret, getting our cheap on will give us some […]

Alert – New Version of Tax Engine Caused Kernel Errors on 2012R2 version of Dynamics AX

Just finished one of those marathon weekends that every person whose job involves Support dreads.. You know, the one where you cancel all your great weekend plans because something unexpected and bad happened. Such was the case when a client of mine innocently downloaded the new version of the tax engine, tested it, and then […]

Walkthroughs: Increasing Sales with a Decision Support System and Data Mining in Dynamics AX

I’m in the CIO’s office scoping and gathering requirements for the data warehouse project that he wants me to deliver. The session is going good. I’m getting that “feel” for what he wants and an understanding of his vision. Then, he says something that almost rocks me out of the chair. “Brandon, I’ve heard that […]

Walkthrough: Keeping it Simple with Customer Invoices and Dynamics AX AIF

Seemingly complicated subjects can often have many simple day to day uses. Nowhere do I seem to see people overestimate complexity than with AIF. As an Architect, people are always surprised when I offer them simple AIF solutions to problems that they thought would take months to solve. It never ceases to amaze me. Of […]

The Simple Way to do Advanced Dynamics AX Troubleshooting(Walkthrough)

Having returned back to blogging after the recent birth of my newborn son, I have to say that I’ve missed it. So today, I thought that I would share one of my most coveted but simple methods of troubleshooting. But don’t be fooled. The methods here basically involve little more than the push of a […]

Walkthrough: Reclaim space and shrink the Transaction logs after Major Code Moves in Dynamics AX

Sometimes, the simplest mistakes are also the most common ones. Something, that many people forget is to shrink the transaction logs after a model store code move. See, what happens is that code moves are very intense on the transaction logs. The transaction logs then grow to ridiculous sizes (many, many Gigabytes) and eventually the […]

The Unofficial AX Architects Guide to Integrating Dynamics AX Reporting with SharePoint Part 4 of 4

People always ask me what it takes to be successful on assignment after assignment. I suppose that I’ve had a good run lately. I’ll tell you right now that it is based on your ability to innovate solutions that end up in a company gaining competitive advantage. As AX practitioners we can never stop striving […]

The Unofficial AX Architects Guide to Integrating Dynamics AX Reporting with SharePoint Part 3 of 4

Your SharePoint AX configuration is starting to look good. It has some serious Excel functionality that is going to make you look like a hero when the business gets their hands on that Excel data. But you want more. You want your AX users to also have access to PowerView and gorgeous dashboards. We’ll do […]

The Unofficial AX Architects Guide to Integrating Dynamics AX Reporting with SharePoint Part 2 of 4

You’ve probably noticed in this series that we are installing more than just the reporting extensions. Silo BI AX setups are the enemy. They limit our ability to effectively use the latest ease of use technologies and cause people to walk away with a bad, mistaken view of AX Business Intelligence. I’ve walked on many […]

The Unofficial AX Architects Guide to Integrating Dynamics AX Reporting with SharePoint Part 1 of 4

Like many organizations, my client had noticed the loads of awesome competitive advantage and Business Intelligence that SharePoint offers. The problem, however, is that SharePoint and Dynamics AX are both complicated by themselves. When you have to deal with two complicated systems and make them play nice, things become exponentially harder. After many months of […]