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How to Speed Up Report Writing in Dynamics AX SSRS with the Duplicate Report Trick Part 2B

The duplicating report hack isn’t always easy to do, but I can guarantee that you it works like nothing else to speed up and increase development. That will become abundantly clear when I give away one of my reporting templates later on. However, for now, we need to finish our duplicate steps. During the last […]

How to Speed up Report Writing in Dynamics AX SSRS with the Duplicate Report Trick Part 2A

Rapid Report development with Dynamics AX SSRS is all about minimizing the amount of code that you have to write. Remember this tactic: find an existing report in AX that contains data that is similar to what your users want, then duplicate it, and modify the duplicate to suit your needs. If you take the […]

How to Speed up Report Writing in Dynamics AX SSRS with the Duplicate Report Trick Part 1 of 2

I’m going to teach you one of my most revered tricks to speeding up report development in Dynamics AX SSRS. In Dynamics AX, speed goes to the one who knows the undocumented tricks of the trade. No where is that more evident than in Dynamics AX report writng. So, this post is dedicated to all […]

Diary of a Fixer the Art of Estimating Work and Setting realistic expectations in dynamics ax part 3 – the initial risk assessment and estimate

Note: Please understand that you won’t find what I say here in any Microsoft documentation, and this should not be construed as having anything to do with Microsoft’s online documentation. The approaches and lessons given here are things that I have learned while out in the field through trial and fire. Once expectations are wrong […]

Diary of a fixer the art of estimating work and setting realistic expectations in dynamics ax part 2

Functional points changed my implementation life. Suddenly, I had a way quantify technical work that the Developer, Functional Specialist, and Manager could understand. That’s the ultimate power of Functional points, and I hope that you see this. My assumption in this tutorial is that you have never ever touched a function point, so we will […]

Diary of a fixer: the Art of Estimating work and setting Realistic Expectations in Dynamics AX Part 1

If I had to go back, past all the lessons learned (many courtesy of the school of hard knocks), the most precious one was learning how to give realistic timelines for estimated work. Most projects fail because inaccurate estimations were made in the early stages resulting in wrongful assumptions. After that, schedule pressure sets in […]

Brandon’s Dynamics AX SQL Server Profiler Recipe to see the underlying Tables and SQL

When I first started out, something that would have helped me out a lot was to understand how to see the exact tables and SQL captured in Dynamics AX operations. Here I will share my own little recipe that I use on client sites to get SQL and database tables in a way that works […]

Setting up SharePoint 2013 for Dynamics AX, Brandons informal Specification

Disclaimer: You won’t find this in the official documentation. It is based on my(Brandon Ahmad) opinion and experiences only from a real life abbreviated specification that I wrote for a client for their SharePoint team, which details how I wanted SharePoint 2013 setup for AX, so as to allow AX to do everything that it […]

Functional quickie how to set up bar codes in Dynamics AX 2012r2

I had an ex-client call me with the most interesting question this week. How to setup barcodes in Dynamics AX 2012? Remember, technofunctional people don’t just do development – a lot of functional work also. The client told me that they couldn’t find any documentation on how to set it up with the exception of […]

SQL Script to fix unique index errors when you upgrade Dynamics AX

One of the most common headaches experienced when you upgrade Dynamics AX is unique index errors, so I wrote a little sql script to fix those. This commonly experienced with date effective tables or tracking tables in general. In fact, if you upgrade the AX database from CU6 to CU7 on the sample Contoso image, […]