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Dynamics Certification Paths and Exam Information

Finally, we have information on the Dynamics AX 2012 certifications. The Dynamics AX 2012 certifications have been a mystery for many as the combined exam paths of 2009 just sort of disappeared (things like MCITP: Developer, Applications, ect). For almost 2 years, many people have been begging to figure out which new certification exams correlate […]

Beginning Management Reporter Tutorials – Part 2: Your first Column Definition

With Exercise 2, you continue to develop with this incredible no-code, yet powerful approach to developing. I want you to understand that Management Reporter has never been about difficulty with development. Truth be told, the tool is significantly easier to use than SSRS or Crystal Reports (at a cost of the more advanced control that […]

Beginning Management Reporter Tutorial Series

I’m in the midst of finishing up a very successful assignment. You know, one of those assignments that every freelance consultant dreams of where you come into a stressful situation and leave with everyone extremely happy. What stood out about this assignment is that one of my key tasks was to develop reports. The company […]

10 ways to contrast a Dynamics AX BI Specialist and a traditional Microsoft BI Specialist

Before going to the Dynamics AX world, I spent years working as an Enterprise BI architect. One of the most common things that I have to explain to companies when I am consulting is how a Dynamics AX BI Specialist differs from a traditional Microsoft BI Specialist? NOTE: the following is not an Official Microsoft […]

You receive a System OutofMemory Exception when doing a Model Export in Dynamics AX

I ran into this recently on an assignment and couldn’t find the documented fix anywhere. So, I thought that I would write it here to save someone troubleshooting. What is a model? Basically, this all the code and metadata within Dynamics AX – table names, column names, code classes, ect. When implementations are large enough, […]

Dynamics AX AIF Tutorial Series Part 3: AIF, Document Services, and a SharePoint InfoPath Forms step by step for Power Users Part E

Now, you get to learn a very rare secret on how to get full SharePoint and ease of use functionality out of Dynamics AX with business connectivity services. What I am going to show you first is the problem that usually stops people from being able to fully integrate SharePoint with the Dynamics line of […]

Tutorial: Understanding the Simple List & Details form within Dynamics AX 2012r2 Part 2

In Part 2, we add our form design. Here you will learn the Dynamics AX way of dealing with fundamental components like tabs, lists, containers, details, and grids. You’ll even do some minor customization to the action menu. While the tutorial has been made purposely simple for introductory learning, it’s a great start to learning […]

Tutorial: Understanding the Simple List & Details form within Dynamics AX 2012r2 Part 1

Where Dynamics AX really excels is in form creation. It is quite possible for one to be a superior Dynamics AX developer with very little understanding of code. The MorphX Development Environment has been setup that way. In this post, we are going to show how to setup a List and Details form within the […]

How to Troubleshoot Enterprise Portal Performance in Dynamics AX 2012R2 with Tracing: a time tested method

Few methods within the performance troubleshooting world have withstood the test of time, but when it comes to finding problems, nothing beats IIS tracing. Sometimes, Enterprise Portal and our Services are just slow. And sometimes, we have nothing in the logs to really help us out. This post is me giving away one of my […]

Brandon’s SSRS Report Builder Tutorial Video Series: Sparklines – why and how to use them with SQL Server 2012

  So sorry about taking so long. These have been busy days, and I’ve been backed up, but I’ve read every one of the comments that I’ve received via email and thank you so much. I really do appreciate the positive encouragement. It’s been hectic, but I promise that I will finish this SSRS tutorial […]