Instructor Brandon values you as an individual and ensures that your information is safe, and that it stays protected. Below, you shall find all relevant information related to the structure of our policy. This includes, the use of the information collected, and the privacy settings of any personal information saved.


We respect your privacy, in fact, our website ( is a site that will keep your information anonymous. First, we will collect your contact information, and inform you of things our website will ask. We guarantee that we do not condone any activity that risks your private information being exposed. Also, as detailed in our security section, we explain the necessary steps taken to hold your information in confidence.

If you have questions regarding how we use your information, please contact:

Information We Collect

We will ask you to provide us with personal information to best identify and contact you, while acquiring any of our products or requesting our services. The following information includes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Surnames
  • Email address
  • Phone number


During the registration process, specific information will be requested so that we can best serve you. Questions asked will include, the IP address, browser type, browser version, page of our service that the user visits, and the date and time. All information collected will not be sold nor distributed, it will only be used by our company to analyze and study statistics of the number of users that visit our website.


Cookies are small pieces of code that will be installed in your browser. They are also sent to the user’s browser to collect information, activity, and to analyze.

The cookies that are installed in the user’s browser, are cookies that will only collect login details and personal information. To others, the cookies will be deleted automatically when the user leaves the website.

Service Providers

We will employ third party companies like YouTube to sponsor our products. Instructor Brandon is not responsible for the privacy practices and we will not take responsibility for any opinions expressed by third party companies.

Data Transfers

We will need to transfer personal information collected from one country to another from where it was primarily captured. Those countries to which the data will be transferred may not have the same level of security to protect the collected data. Instructor Brandon must transfer such personal information considering the appropriate steps to apply the same level of protection that will be transferred, following the law that applies.


Security is considered of optimal importance within our company. For that reason, we are forced to remind our users that the internet and electronic methods are not 100% safe. We will endeavor to protect your information, however we cannot guarantee its absolute security.


If you have any concerns or doubts, you can contact us by mail: