We understand the quality of any product is extremely important to customers. Therefore, our mission is to structure the best Dynamics 365 development courses you can find. However, if circumstances changeand you wish to not continue any of the enrolled courses, we have a refund policy that may accommodate you.  

According to our refund policy, there will be a 100%  if you cancel or request this refund within 4 or more days before the course begins, if you cancel the course within the first 3 days before the course begins there will be a 50% refund of the total amount.

Our refund will be only granted once submitted and reviewed on the stipulated time, after this period of time, it will not be reimbursable. As mentioned above, it is crucial that you keep track of when the courses begin. This will avoid any issues to receive your refund.  

Any refund requested after the stipulated time will not be reimbursable, so you must be aware of the due dates of a refund to avoid any inconvenience.


Our Customer’s opinion is super important for us to improve and make sure our courses are the best for you. If there is something about our product that doesnt seem rightor if you feel that it is deviating from the core objective of the course, let us know your opinion. Your valuable feedback is always welcome. We strive our best to always find a way to provide an appropriate solution for any inconvenience. 


There are a couple of steps you may follow in order to request a refund. These steps include, being very specific when stating the reason why you would like a refund, and by sending a detailed explanation to the following email address that is attached below. After submitting your statement, we will gladly evaluate your case and issue out a refund.   

Email: help@instructorbrandon.com