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Are you frustrated by slow performance in Dynamics 365/AX?  Did you spend a lot of money on powerful modern hardware and multiple performance tuning organizations only to still see the system run at speeds that don’t nearly justify how much you paid for the system?

This is what I encounter every month, and as countless clients of mine can attest to, you do not need to accept slow performance.

If you need help and are having an issue with system performance than reach out to me, no matter how complicated.  I offer a cheap entry way where you can test out my skills on an initial short project before we fix the full performance issues on the implementation. The average time it takes for me to get an implementation fully going is 8 weeks.  The average time to fix the first issue is three to five days.

Just reach out to me if you need help, and I’ll be happy to show you that your money spent on that hardware and code was worth it when the system is running fast.

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Strong Track Record

Over 40 different implementations worth of experience has made Brandon one of the most trusted techno-functional experts in the world.

Verifiable Credentials

Has achieved the highest testable credentials for Dynamics and Reporting, MCSE Business Applications and the MCSE Data Analytics

Dynamics Performance Tuning Wizard

A master of Dynamics Performance Tuning, having solved many mission impossible cases in the industry.

Reporting and Analytics

Half of all the implementations want Brandon for his deep BI skills, a large track record of reports, dashboards, and analytics.


Proven methodology for knowledge transfer so that employees can deliver productivity with Dynamics



I help organizations become good with the technical aspects of Dynamics 365/AX.  Whether you need high end performance tuning, Reporting, Deep Troubleshooting, Integrations, or some mentoring/training, I love what I do and that is making people better at this.

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