In 2018, the average Microsoft Dynamics developer with 9 years of experience made over $130,000 a year in the USA according to the Annual Nigel Frank Survey. Traditionally, this has been one of the most rewarding and lucrative developer skillsets in the market. Unfortunately, both the costs and quality of training have served as impediments making it extremely expensive and hard to train and acquire this skillset. We offer a path forward with high-quality training at reasonable, transparent prices for those who wish to become Dynamics developers.


Real-world experience in teaching, hands-on labs that are one of a kind, and relentless customer service

Great effort has been made to ensure that our courses meet the highest of standards and prepare you for real-world challenges. Advantages include expert instruction, lots of interactive time with the instructor, a unique lab interface custom designed for enhanced learning, and lots of value added content in addition to the official Microsoft curriculum. Mr. Brandon Ahmad, Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead and Technical Solutions Architect, has worked on over 60 different implementations and will work hard to ensure that the quality of the delivery prepares you for the challenges faced today.  


Course Live Run Date Deadline to Enroll
MB-300T01A:Feb 1st01/28/2020
MB-300T02A:Feb 1st, 8th02/05/2020
MB-300T03A:Feb 8th, 15th02/01/2020
MB-500T00A:Feb 22nd02/01/2020


Then you’re in the right place.

We offer an innovative way to modern learning with our revolutionary hands-on training labs. Now, you can do your labs through your internet browser from anywhere at any time to enhance your learning experience. We offer multiple features like various tabs to organize your applications, dynamic paneling, real-time coding, and snippets for copying and pasting long codes. We enable you to test your work in the actual software applications rather than simulated ones which provide the ultimate learning experience.

Start date: February 01, 2020
Deadline to Register is: January 28, 2020$350.00
This is our remote live option for the Microsoft Official Course MB – 300T01A: Core Common Features of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This course is one of the three courses that are needed to be prepared for Exam MB – 300: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations.

Start date: February 08, 2020
Deadline to Register is: February 05, 2020$150.00
This is our remote live option for the Microsoft Official Course MB – 300T02A: Core Configurations in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.  This course is one of the three courses that are needed to be prepared for Exam MB – 300: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations.  You will perform the fundamental activities necessary in this course.  

Start date: February 15, 2020
Deadline to Register is: February 01, 2020$150.00
This is our remote live option for the Microsoft Official Course MB – 300T03A: Data Migration and Preparing for Go Live in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.  This course is one of the three courses that are needed to be prepared for Exam MB – 300: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations. 

Start date: February 22, 2020
Deadline to Register is: February 01, 2020$1250.00
This developer course will teach you the fundamentals of X++ development for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply chain and is the official Microsoft course for exam MB-500, which is necessary for the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate.

Strong Track Record

Over 40 different implementations worth of experience has made Brandon one of the most trusted techno-functional experts in the world.

Verifiable Credentials

Has achieved the highest testable credentials for Dynamics and Reporting, MCSE Business Applications and the MCSE Data Analytics

Dynamics Performance Tuning Wizard

A master of Dynamics Performance Tuning, having solved many mission impossible cases in the industry.

Reporting and Analytics

Half of all the implementations want Brandon for his deep BI skills, a large track record of reports, dashboards, and analytics.


Proven methodology for knowledge transfer so that employees can deliver productivity with Dynamics


D365 Expert And Freelancer

I help organizations become good with the technical aspects of Dynamics 365/AX.  Whether you need high end performance tuning, Reporting, Deep Troubleshooting, Integrations, or some mentoring/training, I love what I do and that is making people better at this.

How to proceed with us for Certification?

Grow professionally and validate your experience as a Dynamics 365 developer.

To pass the exam you should have general knowledge in an Information Technology (IT) environment or at least relevant work experience in this area.


What is the first Beta Run of the courses?

The first Beta Run of the online courses is always done before the launch. It is done to receive the feedback before it becomes available for the audience. It helps to identify loopholes, which are dealt with to minimize problems after its launch. This is the way it further helps to minimize support requests as well.

Do we have to purchase our own MSDN, Visual Studio/DevOps, lifecycle services licenses, and Office 365 licenses?

No. You’re not required to purchase your own MSDN, Visual Studio/DevOps, lifecycle services licenses, and Office 365 licenses, as these are being provided by us. This is one of the very useful and unique value-added services that are being offered by us.

Why do we have to wait a month for the first course to run?

Currently, we’re only taking the enrollments so that all the people can be registered first and then the courses will become available for everybody at once.

Okay, live is available on Feb 1st but when is a video available?

The live courses are going to be available from Feb 1st, 2020, however, the video is going to be available in March 2020.

What is your support policy if we have an issue?

You can contact us for your queries through an email at the following email ID.

What is your quality guarantee?

The courses are being undertaken by Mr. Brandon himself who is an accomplished instructor/Microsoft Certified Trainer: 2-time winner of the Top Instructor Award, over a 98% approval rating, several recommendations with thousands of happy students, quite a few custom designed & delivered courses. His experience and skill level are the guarantee of the quality of our services.

Why is your first run offered over 4 Saturdays instead of during the workdays?

As more people are free on weekends, we have especially given this offer for 4 Saturdays instead of during the workdays. Our aim is to facilitate people with most of the facilities that are helpful for them and which they’re unable to get it from anywhere else.

What certifications do these courses map towards?

These courses will lead you to earn ‘Associate Certification’, which is Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate. However, this certification can be achieved only by passing two certification exams i.e. 1) Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations, and 2) Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer (beta).

Explain why you decided to use the Official Microsoft Course content plus your enhanced content?

Offering enhanced content along with the Official Microsoft Course content is going to help you to have a clearer understanding of the concepts. Most of the time, the information is quite complex which is hard to understand for a learner at this level and therefore our developed enhanced content is going to make the understanding easier. It is an enhanced feature especially offered by us, which is unique.

Why are your prices lower than other Microsoft Official providers?

As the prices of the courses offered by Microsoft Official providers are too high, many people who want to learn are unable to opt for these courses. Mr. Brandon wants to facilitate people at a lower price with his own efforts and skills. Apart from this fact, our marketing model is based on a low pricing strategy and this is how we aim to penetrate the current market.

Who will teach the first live course?

The first live course will be taught by Mr. Brandon, who is an expert advanced senior Dynamics operation (AX 7) & data analytics architect.

Do we have to take all the live courses?

There are several live courses available, however, it’s entirely your own choice to pick any of the courses. You’re not bound to take part in all the live courses.

What email do we reach out to for questions?

If you have anything to ask related to your courses, you can drop your questions on the following email ID.

Are you an official Microsoft Learning Partner?

Yes, Mr. Brandon Ahmad is a Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead – the USA. So, you can be sure about receiving an official education and reliable guidance through our offered courses.

Do you also consult on the development and advanced Dynamics issues?

We currently have a background of 66 different implementations and this allowed us to experiment with different types of development. For example, we have resolved numerous cases that were classified as impossible in application performance. Also, we have developed a considerable amount of customization in the system to meet business requirements. In fact, we guide users to take full advantage of the application’s functionality with the best quality standards.

Will I get a certificate for the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate once you take all the classes, complete the course, and pass all the modules of the course. Moreover, we have the best tools to evaluate your learned knowledge in Microsoft applications through the courses taught by Mr. Brandon Ahmad.

When will the Power BI course be ready?

We are currently working on developing the best courses possible to help our interested community. As soon as we make sure that the entire structure is in place, we will be announcing the dates to enroll in our courses where you will obtain valuable knowledge as a learner.

What sort of advantages do your courses offer over others?

Our courses offer the following advantages:

  • Innovative hands-on labs: It has all the necessary infrastructure to carry out all the practices and exercises. Moreover, it has the latest software updates and all the Microsoft tools that you’ll be needing to complete the course.
  • Expert guidance: You will have the best instructors and the personalized attention of our mentor Brandon Ahmad at each stage of the course.
  • Interaction with the instructor: We offer you an open opportunity to drop down your queries related to the course content or something that is unclear to you. Our instructor guarantees a response to your queries to facilitate you through the emails at the provided email ID.
  • Technical support: You will have the support in all the non-functional problems of the application (connectivity, performance, application errors, and etc.) with our staff that is highly specialized in the technical area.
  • Custom design interface for mobile learning: When you’re out of your house and you don´t have access to a computer, you can access the course through your mobile phone. We have developed a mobile interface where you can visit our learning platform from anywhere, any time.

What is your quality guarantee?

Our courses have been developed with an aim to deliver knowledge to you in the most effective way by an expert Mr. Brandon Ahmad, who is recognized as one of the best technical experts in the field. So, we guarantee you that our courses have the best quality and content. However, if by any chance you’re not satisfied with our content, you will receive a discount of 50% in the next course. In order to communicate any disagreement, kindly contact us at our provided email ID:

When does enrollment start for the courses' first run?

The enrollment date of the first course is from January 13th to 22nd, 2020. Once you’re enrolled in the course of your choice, we shall provide all the necessary information that is required to proceed with the course.

Why are your courses set up so differently from other partners?

As we aim to give you the best learning experience, we started developing this platform including all the courses two years ago. We have a major goal to offer such a platform where you can find everything you need in order to receive ample knowledge about the field and to prepare well for the certification exam. Therefore, we have set up these courses differently that ensure the availability of all necessary information, a strong support system, and several experts who are going to help you during the journey.

Describe your interactive learning interface and the advantages of mobile learning?

Our interactive learning interface is very simple as we believe in offering you great comfort without being physically present at a particular place and time. You can simply access the courses anywhere and anytime considering your convenience through this mobile learning platform.

Are there any free or preview courses?

Yes, there are going to be preview courses on our official website. Moreover, you will also have a number of helping materials, tutorials, and blogs that would be free of cost. Especially on our blog, we will be publishing a lot of articles that can be useful to you and where you will find material to learn.

Am I guaranteed to pass the certification exam?

We are offering you the best Microsoft materials and tools along with the expert’s guidance for your ultimate learning experience that would help you greatly to pass the certification exam. However, we do not give you a guarantee that you will surely pass the certification exam, as it obviously depends on your personal level of knowledge and skills that you learned through our courses.

What are the advantages of your video courses?

Our video courses are unique in the industry due to its strong innovative interface. Moreover, these video courses offer a unique learning experience based on their interactive nature. Also, they help a lot through their interactive set of questions and quizzes to learn independently at home. Furthermore, you will have weekly live lessons to clear your doubts about the course you’re undertaking.

How long do I have lab access with the Azure expenses included in the price?

On average, you will have 30 days for the entire course and 7 days for a one-day course. This time will depend on the course you’re willing to opt for. However, there may be some additional costs for certain subscriptions. For more details regarding this, you can go to the course page and find this information under each course.

What is the refund/preview course?

Previews will be shown in the form of videos to present you with a better idea of each section of the courses. According to our refund policy, there will be a 50% refund of the total amount if you cancel the course within the first 3 days. Once this period passes, there will be no refund on the total amount. 

I need a phone call. Can someone call me and how do I arrange that?

Yes, you’re allowed to request a phone call by emailing us at and our customer support team will contact you to schedule a call.

Why are you so proud of your course live support team?

After years of working with many people around the world, we understand that customers should be offered services by a high-quality support team dedicated to helping in case of any inconvenience and inquiries. Kindly, let us know if you have any issues related to the course. We will gladly help you if you experience any inconvenience related to our provided services.

What are coachable sessions?

Coachable sessions are group chats where all participants can interact with the instructors. These group chats offer interaction of all the participants of the same course with the instructor at the same time. The instructor of the relevant course will answer all the questions related to the concepts, laboratory practices, and much more. However, the instructor will answer your questions strictly within the spectrum of the course only.

Where can I give you feedback on other future offerings?

We gladly welcome your precious feedback. You can give us your recommendations and thoughts about the courses through an email. We’re extremely pleased to receive your opinion especially if it’s about the opening of new courses of your choice related to our industry.

What is the deadline for the Live Run Date Registration?

All such information is available in the course schedule. Here, we will provide you with a link so that you can check important dates for all the courses.

Is there any possibility of having a class canceled?

Commitment is very important to us and therefore we guarantee that all the classes will be conducted at the scheduled time. So, you can be sure that we’re not going to cancel any class of any of the courses.