Dynamics 365 Animated Supply Chain Videos Explained Part 3 of 50 – Inventory Consignment

Dynamics 365 Animated Supply Chain Videos Explained Part 3 of 50 – Inventory Consignment

Dynamics 365 Inventory Consignment Supply Chain Video Part 3

Dynamics 365 Inventory Consignment Supply Chain Video Part 3

In our continual mission to make learning ERP concepts fun in Dynamics 365, our Actor and Instructor, “Animated Brandon” returns with another lesson.  We are back with the supply chain concepts in Dynamics 365, this time understanding how the Inventory Consignment process works. In this video “Animated Brandon” will guide you on the path to understanding this process through easy demonstrations and examples. The inventory consignment process is when we give our goods to someone else, when they are still ours. In other words, a Consignment means making an agreement between two parties. But why would we do that? Well, we explain how it works, the benefits and objectives, and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it easier to be included in a company’s processes.

Let’s Watch Inventory Consignment Process

The first thing you might be asking yourself is “if I own my assets, why should I give them to someone else?” The truth is that by following these steps, the consignment process can help you expand your business by keeping your inventory costs down. Launching a new product into the marketplace and being successful is never guaranteed, but it’s not something you can’t fix. In this series we will make all these complicated processes much simpler and more dynamic for those new entrepreneurs, offering them the best learning tools to boost their business and, in the end, you will see that learning these processes is not complicated but rather fun.

What we have done so far?

First, we have almost finished a massive 25 part Dynamics 365 Data Model Series detailing many aspects of the Dynamics 365 data model and relating it to the functional aspects to supercharge reporting, integration, and development efforts amongst our readers.   This is nearing completion and will be finished by the end of the year.

Second, we enhanced the current Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Programming Course with three times the content of the current Microsoft Official Course (which is already a good course on it’s own).  We have received stellar reviews and have new enhancements scheduled for it in January.

Third, we created the first ever Mobile, Google platform for Dynamics 365 Learning

Fourth, many extra tutorials this year over all sorts of good things

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