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Techno-Functional Solution to Receipt and confirmation posting issue in AX2012 R2 and R3

I just had to get my techno-functional on to solve a very complicated problem for a client. Afterwards, I had noticed several cases of people noting this on the internet with no solutions or the wrong solutions specified. So, I thought that I would take the time to explain the problem and how to fix […]

Windows Server 2012R2 SharePoint 2013 SP1 Enterprise Portal and Retail Store Install Gotcha

I just wanted to let everyone know about a gotcha that I had to deal with at a client’s location with SharePoint SP1 and Enterprise Portal. As anyone knows who has had to install Enterprise Portal a few times in a SharePoint 2013 environment, you had better install the Secure Store Service and actually generate […]

3 Part Series: How to extract financial data in Dynamics AX with SQL

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just figure out the SQL that would allow you to pull Dynamics AX data from that complicated financial table setup. Recently, I had a client give me a challenge where they wanted me to come up with a way that they could utilize their existing staff who had […]

SQL for General ledger data by Dimension for building Non-AX Reports with AX data Part 3 (final)

In the final part of our series, our hard work has paid off. You will be able to generate a general ledger report that is fast, and that will allow for our users to query dimensions however they like. We want our users to really see the power of AX and nothing does that like […]

SQL for General ledger data by Dimension for building Non-AX Reports with AX data Part 2

Now, in my continuing mission to ensure that my blog devalues my skills as an AX Technical Architect/Consultant, I’m going to give away more of my precious secrets. If you understand this post, you will have learned a very, very strong tactic for extracting data with SQL – and not just financial data. The other […]

SQL for General ledger data by Dimension for building Non-AX Reports with AX data Part 1

It’s a request that I’ve heard a million times in my AX implementation experience. Wouldn’t it be great if you just had the SQL for being able to extract Dynamics AX data so that you could use whatever reporting tool that you like for viewing Dynamics AX reports? You could use SSRS Report Builder, Crystal […]

The Art of Advanced Troubleshooting and Debugging for Production Scenarios in Dynamics AX

Today, we are going to do something that I haven’t seen documented on the net – the art of debugging a Production environment in Dynamics AX. One of my secrets to fixing so many implementations is to understand that not every problem is a by the book, ideal fairy-tale scenario. Sometimes errors occurs in Production […]

Diary of a Fixer: Top 10 Risk Issues that I see on Dynamics AX Implementation after Implementation

Having worked on many AX implementations has taught me to look for certain warning signs. One of my clients on an implementation asked me to give them a top 10 risk issues that I see on implementation after implementation. In other words, for a new implementation, are there some gotcha’s that they should look out […]

Terminal Services, Citrix, Cache Corruption, Dynamics AX Data Refresh and the most commonly forgotten step

One thing that I see again and again and again when I come to implementations with data refresh is that people forget to regenerate the unique GUIDS. Forgetting this simple step will lead to cache getting corrupted, which will result in way slower performance, values not populating in forms, and having to use group policies […]

How to Speed Up Report Writing in Dynamics AX SSRS with the Duplicate Report Trick Part 2C

Here you master the difficult art of replicating classes so that your copied reports will run. We are getting closer and closer to seeing what AX can really do with reports. But hang tight because you must master the duplicate report trick if you want to gain adequate Dynamics AX Framework specific report speed. Once […]