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Techno-Functional Dynamics 365 Data Model Tutorial Part 16 of 25 – Create Sales Quotation Process

Create Sales Quotation in Dynamics 365 Data Model Tutorial 16

A ‘Sales Quotation’ or business sale quote is a formal business document that allows a potential buyer/customer to view the cost involved in purchasing a specific service or product. It is generally used by suppliers or resellers to initiate a business transaction cycle. A professional ‘Sales Quotation’ contains an itemized list of products and services, stating the price per item, terms of sale and acceptable payment methods. Before making a purchase, sales quote is furnished at the request of a prospective buyer who is interested in knowing the cost of a certain product/service or both.

Techno Functional Dynamics 365 Data Model Explanations for Reporting, Part 12 of 25 - How to Create a Department and Set Up its Hierarchy

Create a Department and setup hierarchy Dynamics 365

Get Microsoft Development Training and learn to create a Department in Dynamics 365 through our techno-functional walkthrough. As a common practice, organizations require dealing with strategic Human Resource (HR) needs and to achieve it, they have to carry out several processes in Dynamics 365.  One of the most important functions is to create a ‘Department’ and set up its Hierarchy.  Performing this process might not be very tough for you, but the problem lies in inaccessibility of training/guidance to get hands-on experience on processes like this.