Stopping the Irritating Checklist in Dynamics AX

Stopping the Irritating Checklist in Dynamics AX

If you’ve done code moves or anything else in AX than you’ve been a victim of the checklist that just refuses to go away at least once. Just like those irritating after holiday pounds that I typically gain after my fund during the holiday season, the checklist can really be hard to get rid of. In the past, you would just go to the SysCheckList class and pass in a parameter into the finished method to force the upgrade to complete. For example, SysCheckList::finished(classnum(SysCheckListItem_SynchronizeUpgrade)) is a classic example of the upgrade.

Recently, I was going through this on one of my build scripts when I discovered the coolest AX powershell commandlet which takes AX out of install mode.

#Take AX out of install Model so checklist doesn’t popup

“MicrosoftDynamicsAX _model”

And wallah.. enjoy the automated build scripts and closing that checklist.