What to look for in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses?

What to look for in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses?

Dynamics 365 Training Courses

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

-Arthur C. Clarke

In today’s Tech-driven world, there is always something more innovative and less complicated to look forward to: something that is an ‘addition’ to another and thus, a better version of previous technology. There is no denying the fact that technology is not just a part of our world now, but a new way of life.

To be in denial of the usage of technology will only backfire; and it is imperative to move with times and learn to adapt. New researches are adding to creating a digital revolution, and education has not been left behind in this process either.

In fact, education has been affected by technology the most: new and more efficient ways to ‘learn’ and ‘train’ have made education easier at a global scale. Staying updated with the latest advancements in learning and training programs makes it easier for your business to achieve success, as ‘business processes’ are able to meet quality standards.

Evolving at a rapid scale, Microsoft is continuously working on new technologies and creating improvements as a leader in the IT industry: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the simplest example of that.

Microsoft Training Courses

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses, whether your intentions are to get certified or simply upskill yourself, you need the right and thorough learning experience. In this article, we will walk you through the right tips you need for the most suitable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Course for yourself.

What to look for in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses?

This is a question that a lot of learners have in mind.

As we have access to excessive information scattered all over the internet in today’s world, you have to keep in mind that most of it can be quite misleading. Here, we have compiled a list of recommendations for those looking for the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Course.

Let us start with the basics:

Here are the five most important aspects that you must look for while searching for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Course:

  1. Practice labs or hands-on labs
  2. Extended course content
  3. Official Microsoft Courseware
  4. Exam preparation (quizzes and practice tests)
  5. Efficient support system

Let’s begin with practice labs (or hands-on labs).

Hands-on labs:

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 training course is the hands-on labs learning environment. Why? Well, because it is important to have an actual experience or hands-on practice in a real-world setup, rather than just ‘theoretical knowledge’. For passing Microsoft Certification Exams and becoming Microsoft Certified, you need both; valuable theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge.


Imagine you are studying to become a doctor. You know by heart all the content in the text books and the step-by-step to perform any procedure. You graduate, and never get the chance to apply all your knowledge and skills in a real-world environment. What do you think would happen?

Of course, that sounds like a recipe for disaster! To perform as a doctor, you need to have actual practice before doing something in order to avoid any potential mistakes in real-life situations. Let’s assume you’re looking for a Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate certification. In order to do this, you must choose an instructor-led training course that offers a practical lab environment with licenses. This will allow you to access both theoretical and practical knowledge. Because, when the time arrives, you will need both of these skills to pass the certification exams.

Extended Course Content:

Another aspect to take into consideration when choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Course is an Enhanced course content. Make sure to choose a training course with extended or enhanced course, in order to cover all the relevant topics and extra information that you need to take your exams. Many online courses follow Microsoft Official Curriculum, but you must look for a learning platform with content that is not only restricted to that. If you have an enhanced content guide, it will not only prepare you for Microsoft Certification Exams but also enhance your practical skillset. This skillset is highly beneficial for your professional Dynamics 365 career.

Official Microsoft Courseware

An up-to-date training will help you develop the necessary skills for successful deployment. Having access to Microsoft’s courseware is extremely important for a Dynamics learning process. This is why you must ensure that the course you choose provides the respective study materials before opting for it.

Pro tip: Look for courses with no extra charges for additional training material: the course you choose should include access to materials and licenses without any additional cost.

Exam Preparation

Another important aspect that you need to keep in mind is to select a training platform that offers practice tests. To guarantee a good preparation, you need to put your knowledge to test in order to know whether you have successfully understood information or not. This can only be possible by taking quizzes and practical exams after every module. It is very helpful if the course has exam preparation features that recreate the certification exam environment. Otherwise, you will have to rely on external platforms that offer practice exams for an additional cost.

Efficient Support System

Last but not the least; an efficient support system is also necessary. Malfunctions can happen at any given time, which is why it is important to rely on a good support system to help you overcome situations that can compromise your whole learning experience.

And with this, we conclude all the important aspects you need to keep in mind.

Things to consider when opting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses

As mentioned; practice labs, extended course content, official Microsoft Courseware, exam preparation and an efficient support system are important aspects to consider when opting for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training course. But there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which one best suits your needs and goals:

    • Price
    • Duration
    • Modality
    • Recognition

Let’s begin with price.


It’s all about your budget.

We have said this before: investing in your education is one of the most impactful decisions you can make for yourself and your career. With this being said; be thoughtful about what are you going to purchase. There are thousands of courses available online, in different price ranges. Keep in mind what you need and the level of expertise you wish to have. Opt for a training course that adapts to your budget and will help you fulfill your goals. Be aware that you might find some sketchy deals out there: cheaper doesn’t always mean better. As we know, quality comes with a price. The goal for you is to find something that would make your investment pay-off in the long run.


Another thing to consider when choosing your training course is the duration, as we all have different schedules and routines. For this reason, you have to ask yourself how much time you are willing to dedicate to your training. Some courses last a couple of days; others, a few weeks. To make use of your training effectively and get the most out of your learning experience, pick a course that you will be able to attend without compromising the rest of your daily activities.


  1. Online courses
  2. Live courses
  3. In-person courses

It is obviously a matter of preferences and availability. Choose a course according to your learning preferences and your probability of attending.


If you know that you are not very fond of online classes, it wouldn’t make much sense to pick an online course. Consequently, if you want to learn in an in-person environment with the instructor in front of you, you should opt for an in-person courseware. The decision is always yours to make: pick wisely.


Another thing to consider is the recognition and experience of the organization providing the course. At Instructor Brandon, we count on certified experts that provide your training and will guide you through your journey. Keep in mind that the best thing for you right now is a course that is validated (or at least) recognized in the IT industry by an authoritative institution.

SUMMARY: What to look for in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses?

To sum things up, you will find a list of points to consider when choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses:

Regarding the course itself Regarding the course content
1 Price 1 Practice labs or hands-on labs
2 Duration 2 Extended course content
3 Modality 3 Microsoft Official Courseware
4 Recognition 4 Exam preparation
5 Support System

Benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Course:

1) It looks great on your resume

There are a number of reasons why having the right training is beneficial for your career. Learning new techniques and adding more skills not only improves your resume, but it also makes you a better professional; one who is able to level up and improve his performance at work.

Talking about making good first impressions, right?

As a recruiter, seeing credible training courses in any resume gives the candidate a certain advantage, as training gives them a sense of capability and added experience. If you want to have a better resume, go ahead and take a Microsoft official course! It will give you some additional points over others.

2) It will keep you updated

As we mentioned before, technology is constantly evolving. We have software updates and new products getting launched at an alarming pace, and sometimes it is difficult to keep an eye on everything that is happening at the same time. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses and Certifications, you have a fair advantage of staying ahead in the game and not missing out on any updates and innovations, as most training courses are made with the latest Microsoft curriculum.

3) It will give you the experience you need, without compromising your work performance

MS Dynamics 365 Training Courses allow you to get hands-on experience in different aspects of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Furthermore, you are able to use multiple tools and configure settings proficiently; which is required by many organizations nowadays. This adds value to a business without compromising on efficiency and quality. In other words, with a training program that simulates real-life scenarios in a lab environment, you are able to learn how to meet real world requirements.

For businesses, providing their teams with training courses saves them time–and as we all know, time is money- especially when there is a new project that needs to get started. Now the best part, however, is the opportunity to get Microsoft Certified.

4) It will help you get Microsoft Certified

Microsoft Training Courses are extremely popular and recognized worldwide.

If you are looking to get Microsoft Certified, taking a training course can help you achieve that. Enhanced Microsoft Training gives you the knowledge and expertise you need to pass the Microsoft Certification Exams and become a Microsoft Certified Professional. With a Microsoft Certification, you get credentials that add value to your resume. They give you universal recognition of proficiency by proving that your skills have been tested and are up to ‘Microsoft Quality Standards’.

The benefits of having a Microsoft certification are endless; and being recognized by this prestigious institution is an achievement on its own.

Where can you find a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Course that includes all of the above-mentioned aspects?

As a leader in the IT industry, Microsoft offers a learning platform known as Microsoft Learn. This platform has several learning paths, specifically designed for different Microsoft products and functionalities. Instructor Brandon Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses offer an enhanced content guide with instructor-led training for your assistance. You can find all our courses on our website; from additional course content to exam preparation and support system. If you are interested in taking a course that covers all of the above-mentioned aspects of a Dynamics 365 Training Course, you are at the right place.

Remember: The goal is to find a good match for you.

At the end of the day, you are making an investment into your future, for your future.


The demand for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Professionals has been on the rise in recent years.

For this reason, businesses find themselves in need of hiring employees with proficient Dynamics 365 skills. If you want to create an impact on your career and boost your overall performance, the right training would happen to be your ‘go-to strategy’.

Add value to your skills as a professional and experience growth, as you open up opportunities for yourself in the Tech World. We hope that this post has helped you identify the elements to look for while opting for a Microsoft Dynamics training platform that prepares you for real-world challenges. You will find more resourceful information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 on our blog. Feel free to contact us if you want more guidance on your journey; we will be more than happy to assist you.

And as always, we welcome you to leave us a comment at the end of this blog. You may also reach out to us for any questions; stay tuned for more in our Series of Microsoft Dynamics 365 blogs.