We started back in 2010 with Brandon Ahmad’s mission to offer a platform where people could be trained to learn several useful tips and tricks in both advanced and standard cases in Dynamics 365. Initially, after years of wanting to do it, Brandon Ahmad decided to start a blog to provide cutting-edge learning tutorials relevant to the times with plenty of original content. After Ahmad’s over 10 years of experience working with customers operating in different industries, we now are a team of talented individuals that carries forward the same mission.

We are the perfect blend of Edu-tech and enterprise software consulting companies offering a unique product that offers a revolutionary training experience. We take pride in providing unique products that support high-quality learning and services in a B2B enterprise development space. We believe that change is only a possibility if passion and vision are in unity.

Forging ahead with our mission, we have just expanded our major products and we are ready to take on the world. Our product is different for its emphasis on real-world practical experience with several custom enhancements including hands-on lab exercises for several programming tools offered at a very low price. Our courses are a highly valuable six-figure income skillset training for Microsoft certified development written by experienced consultants in the field. Our courses help students to prepare for Microsoft exams that help them in getting Microsoft Certification and to stand out as an acknowledged and skillful developer.

In addition, our Dynatuners line features some of the best Dynamics performance tunings in the world with many successful implementations. Our team of expert consultants rapidly responds to customer needs, whether it’s about customer base management, business automation, complex integration, or performance reports. In cases where people wanted special attention to their growth, we offer(ed) personalized services. These services around mentoring and expert issue resolution help them get to where they wanted to be.

We are proud to say that it is an honor to come into contact with so many people today. We feel great to know that the volunteer effort of Brandon Ahmad and his team is worth it. Here is to another decade of good learning! And as always, if you find yourself in need of hiring somebody with a good track record to help get that technical issue solved, reach out to us below.


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    Brandon Ahmad


    Architect & Passionate Instructor

    I help organizations with the technical aspects of Microsoft certified development to achieve success. Whether you need high-end Performance Tuning, Reporting, Deep Troubleshooting, Integrations, or some Mentoring/Training, I love what I do and that is making people better at this.