Thank you Microsoft for making my dream possible with Dynamics 365 Finance & SC

Thank you Microsoft for making my dream possible with Dynamics 365 Finance & SC

Brandon Ahmad, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

It’s been 2 years and many hours of hard work, but Microsoft did something very kind for me today. Like many passionate people, I’ve spent many years as a Developer, Lead Technical Architect, and an Instructor dreaming of ways that I could really enhance the development learning experience for a product that I love. I can remember dreaming of ways that I would innovate the training experience if I just had a chance to do so with a company.  Microsoft opened the door to that when they made a program for trainers like me (the little people) to partner with Microsoft and offer top quality training.

From there, my dream started 3 years ago. I wanted to see Dynamics 365 ERP training offered to all. I wrote up an ambitious plan which involved customizations along with mobile learning, interactive video experience, enhanced learning, and real-world skills preparation.   Soon through several calls and some serious recruiting, I built a team and a company that could achieve that vision.  We built a strong support team, customized programming content, a mobile interface for learning, a hybrid Azure Cloud model with lots of automation for learning, and made sure that we could offer access to a high in demand career like Microsoft Dynamics 365 learning. It took one year to start the development and then 2 more years to finish it.

It wasn’t easy. However, I’m proud to say that we got there and finished our first-course offering, a Bootcamp designed to get people into one of the most high-reward, lucrative programming skillsets in the world.

Articles like this one, make the experience all worth it. Thank you, Microsoft for this kind recognition of one simple, country (Oklahoma) boy’s dream. You are a wonderful company, and we are proud to offer this sort of training.

Article by Microsoft on our Training