Dynamics Power BI Update & 150 hours of Experiential Learning

Dynamics Power BI Update & 150 hours of Experiential Learning

Dynamics Power BI Update & 150 hours of Experiential Learning

Microsoft Dynamics Power BI Update 

Have you ever wondered how to figure out Power BI from a Dynamics 365 F&O perspective. So, when we had last checked for our Dynamics 365 bootcamp, we had taken a course and tripled it’s size with development. Then, we promised that we would make it even bigger. On Wed, 5-5-2021, we will be releasing our Microsoft Dynamics Power BI update for the course. We’ve spent over 2 months working on it to ensure that it covers the real topics such as navigating the data model, when to use BYOD, when to use a data lake, options for integrating with other applications, and what to do when the data entity refreshes top working. In addition to that, we are also releasing the Microsoft Power BI official course at the end of May so that you can get certified both on the MB-500 and the Power BI line.

Existing students who have enrolled in the course during the last 6 months are eligible to get the new content included in the Power BI Enhancement. Existing students who have taken the bootcamp beyond their 6 months will be eligible for a discount on the official Power BI course.

Development Bundle for MB-300T00 and MB-500T00

Our commitment to experiential, hands-on learning is as strong as ever. We’ve added a number of new courses along the Power BI line and have a huge offering coming out for AI also. In the last 3 months, we’ve released over 150 hours of content and we aren’t slowing down. And as always, if you have any doubt or you need help, contact us anytime.

We offer an innovative way to modern learning with our revolutionary hands-on training with labs. Remember that the most important thing is effort, not the time. We at Instructor Brandon are always here to help you with the best of our abilities.