MB-500 X++ Developer Training Preview and Update Video

MB-500 X++ Developer Training Preview and Update Video

MB-500 X++ Developer Training

This is just an update for everyone. After some crazy hours and many late nights, I am pleased to say that we are still on track for the end of April for the release of the hands-on Dynamics 365 X++ training. There have been many questions and suggestions for the training, and we have definitely appreciated all the feedback.

We believe that our Dynamics training is extremely strong. However, that being said, the best way is to show it. So we include an actual real sample video for you from our development MB-500 Finance and Operations Apps Developer Enhanced (with 40% extra content and Labs) course.

MB-500 X++ Developer Training – Course Demonstration

This is the first demonstration of the course. It addresses something that every developer wants to know in Dynamics 365. What are the bare minimum tools and configurations needed to actually start development in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations X++?

We hope you will see from the quality why it took so long to make the courses.

Remember — April 30th for MB-500 Course X++ Developer Training

If we are slow on emails, it is only because we are doing some rather rigorous finalization tasks for quality, but we highly appreciate every person who writes to us and will respond to all emails.


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