New D365 Saturday USA Series LinkedIn

New D365 Saturday USA Series LinkedIn

It’s ground zero here in Dallas and just three weeks before D365 Saturday kicks off in the USA!!.  This one day Dynamics 365 event is loaded with everything Microsoft Senior Management, WorldwideDynamics 365 Experts, Famous Fortune 500 companies and many awesome people.  It’s a great place to learn and network and all free.  What I wanted to do was start a new LinkedIn Series where we make a post highlighting some of the individual people who are making this event what it is.  The event kicks off on March 10th.


Let’s start with none other than CRM master Developer and passionate D365 Founder, Raz “Dynamics”.  He will be giving some serious knowledge away in his Developing Dynamics Portals for CRM and Solution Release Management.  Raz has done everything and seen everything, but now he will be bringing D365 Saturdays to the USA.  These sessions are completely free, and you will be learning from one of the most highly sought after CRM developers in the world. Raz enjoys helping the community.  See some of his impressive profile below and hope you get the chance to attend his MVP developer session.


Read about him below:

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