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With the blended virtual live approach—a combination of video conferencing, mentoring, labs, quizzes, theuse of virtual machines, and the addition of enhanced coursecontent — Ahmad is clearly an energetic andcreative instructor dedicated to providing the highest quality in Dynamics 365 finance and operations instruction online.

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  • 14 Lectures
  • 15 Quizzes
  • 43 Hands on labs
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This is the enhancement of Microsoft Official Course MB-300T00 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Core with 40% additional [...]
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  • 30 Lectures
  • 31 Quizzes
  • 55 Hands on labs
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Welcome to MB-500. This is a Microsoft Official Course MB-500T00 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Apps Developer. This course is [...]
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  • 44 Lectures
  • 46 Quizzes
  • 98 Hands on labs
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This Development Bundle offers a complete training series including Microsoft Dynamics 365 training courses for developers (F&S) with enhanced labs [...]

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Our Dynamics 365 specialists

Our Dynamics 365 specialists can assist you in implementing additional modifications, workflows, reports, add-ons, and third-party connectors in your current Dynamics 365 system.

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On-Hands Experience & TrainingImprove your problem-solving skills, get thoughtful engagement ability, and make your learning credible with our real-world training.

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Examination For Self-AnalysisEvaluate yourself through our study guide, pre-planned grading components, and standard testing to prepare for the exams.

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Microsoft CertificationWe have custom-designed labs and dynamics 365 proprietary enhanced courses through which you can get hands-on Real-world skills.

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Consultancy ServicesBoost your Business Productivity through your staff transformation, efficient processes, and advanced technology.

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Success Stories and Remarks by Our Clients

Reviews of our Satisfied scholars

Breanna Henderson

“I took this course while already working as an F&SC systems admin. I had been out of D365 for a year and knew I needed a good thorough review of the modules and I was not disappointed. As Part 1 of the 300 & 500 combo – 300 is the UI experience, and the added supply chain was super helpful. As well as the report writer and workflow. Highly recommend it, whether a newbie or someone who aims to be a superuser.”

Manuel Dun

“This is a good introduction to Dynamics 365 and X++. The videos are really well explained.”

Rufi Uddin

“Brandon did an excellent job on the training, such as Videos were very clear with practical knowledge, Instructional labs videos were very detailed also you can walk and pause the labs while doing it in your environment that Instructor Brandon provides. I love the quizzes part but would have enjoyed if there were a lot more quiz question, but above all I enjoyed and learned a lot.. Kudos”

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