Day 1: Developing with D365 and X++: Development Tools and Environment

Get started the right way in your Dynamics 365 X++ Developer Journey

What you will learn

  • Create and setup Dynamics Development Environments from the ground up
  • The Application Explorer Window along with real world examples of how to use it
  • Understand the different Azure Subscriptions enough to identify a feasible development strategy
  • Dynamics 365 specific options available in visual studio including developer helper tools
  • Understand the various project types in D365 and how they can help your organization
  • Setup and understand the Dynamics 365 specific components necessary for using source control
  • Know when to use each type of development item for faster and more efficient development
  • Learn to use specific tools outside of Visual Studio that are necessary for successful development in Dynamics 365


  • Videos are best viewed with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • A stable internet connection


This is a quick learning course for beginners in Dynamics 365 which covers how to fully utilize the tools in Visual Studio for Dynamics 365 development. It does not cover specific frameworks concerning how to code, as that is covered in our more advanced development courses. It teaches you how to utilize the development environment and what those Visual Studio options mean concerning Dynamics 365 F&S using a combination of lectures, hands-on walkthroughs, and several simplified code examples. Examples of exercises include debugging tasks where you learn to use the debugger, minor form tasks to introduce you to the designer, creating a report, viewing metadata, and various other practical, fast, and simple hands-on exercises to quickly become familiar with using the tools for base Dynamics 365 development. We are confident that the combination of guided hands-on experience and the scheduled lab access will make this course a big time-saver for those beginning their journey in Dynamics 365 development.

Who is the target audience?

This is a fundamental course. The course is intended to be used as one of two courses designed to quickly bring beginners up to speed on the fundamentals of x++. Absolute beginners to Dynamics 365 development and people who are experienced with Dynamics AX 2012 development looking for a quick primer on the new development environment are the target audience.

Course Content
8 Lectures
10 Quizzes
5 Hands-on Labs
lessons and hands-on labs
  • Module 1 Overview Preview
    Lessons Duration
    Main Components of Dynamics 365 for Operations
    Understanding lifecycle services and projects
    Cloud and OnPrem Subscriptions
    Cloud Development Vs OnPrem Development
    Understanding the Model, Package, and Project
    Video Guided Walkthrough: Models, Packages, and Projects
  • Module 2 Overview of Visual Studio for Dynamics 365 FFO Preview
    Lessons Duration
    Components relevant to D365 FFO Visual Studio Development
  • Module 3 Deeper Dive into the Project Types Preview
    Lessons Duration
    The Different Project Types and When to Use them
    Understanding the different options for our projects
  • Module 4 Understanding the Application Explorer Window Preview
    Lessons Duration
    Main Components of Dynamics 365 For Finance and Supply Chain
    Overview of Visual Studio For Dynamics 365 FFO
    Understanding the data model section
    Deeper Dive into the Project Types
    Understanding Application Explorer Components: Data Types
    Understanding Application Explorer Components: Data Model
    Understanding Application Explorer Components: Code & User Interface
    Understanding Application Explorer Components: Analytics & Reporting
    Understanding Application Explorer Components: Workflows, Label Files, Resources , Configuration, Security & References
  • Module 5 Understanding the Dynamics 365 Menu
    Lessons Duration
    Deploying, Importing, and Synchronizing Menu Sections
    Finding Labels, Traversing the AOT, MetaData Search, Infolog & AddIns
  • Module 6 Connecting to Source Control and the Team Menu
    Lessons Duration
    Connect development machine to source control
    Check-In & Check-Out Code
  • Module 7 Helpful Tools for Managing Development
    Lessons Duration
    ModelUtil, Performance Timer, Trace Parser, Debugging, AxUpdateInstaller
  • Module 8 Summary
    Lessons Duration
    Summary and helpful tips on how to continue your journey

About the Instructor

Brandon Ahmad, MCSE

Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead - USA

8.8 out of 9.0 Average Instructor Rating

Top Instructor Award Twice

MCSE Certification in Dynamics 365

Freelances as hands-on Technical Lead with very advanced development scenarios for Day Job

Brandon Teaches D365 for Finance and Operations Programming

Brandon Ahmad is a Dynamics 365 Technical Solutions Architect and CEO of Instructor Brandon. In his years of experience working with different Microsoft Technologies such as Dynamics 365, Power BI and Power Apps, he has consulted over 60 implementations across the globe. Being solution-oriented and implementing advanced scenarios, he has dedicated his time to create training courses for programmers and developers, mainly interested in learning Microsoft Technologies.
As an instructor, he firmly believes in being able to master developmental skills; as long as one achieves the proper training and guidance. Providing students with several enhanced Microsoft training courses focused on providing a hands-on learning experience, Ahmad’s biggest secret to teaching lies in his ability to nurture those who take his classes.
His best reward (in his own words) is “hearing that my students saved time and mastered Microsoft Technology skills, knowing that my courses played a vital part in that success.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was this course written?
    Feedback is very important to us.  The two most common requests that we have are for a developer tools course and an administration course.  This course aims to quickly get one accustomed to the developer environment and familiar with it’s many components.
  • Who is best suited for taking this course?
    This course is meant for someone completely new to Dynamics 365 development.  The objective is to get one up to speed quickly on both understanding the development options and tools for X++ development.
  • Should I take this or the developer bootcamp course?
    It depends.  You can think of this course as prerequisite knowledge for the developer bootcamp.  The main difference between the two is that this is a quick introduction designed to cover certain fundamentals that are almost assumed in the developer bootcamp, such as some familiarity with Visual Studio.   For people completely new in development, this often isn’t the case.
  • Who should not take this course?
    Experienced Dynamics 365 developers or people who are very comfortable with the Dynamics 365 X++ environment should not take this course.  Please see our Development bootcamp if you meet this option to see if the course is more appropriate for you.
  • What are scheduled lab access courses and how are they advantageous?
    Scheduled lab courses are where the student schedules time in blocks.  The traditional challenge to high end, hands on training is the costs of labs.  Scheduled labs allow us to offer hands on training at a price rarely seen (if at all) in the high-end skills technical industry.
  • How many hours of lab access do I get for this course?
    This course includes 4 hours of scheduled lab time which can be done in one eight-hour block or two four hour blocks on contiguous business days, Mon-Fri. Note, this course has a projected time of 4 hours for completing the labs.  It is recommended that you first watch the lectures and then do the labs as the lectures will help you  complete the labs.
  • Just to verify, does this course have hands-on labs?
    Yes, this course does include hands-on labs.  This is one of the major advantages of the course in that it is an interactive learning experience.
  • How many days of course access are available for this course?
    This course includes 30 days of access to the materials and 8 hours of hands on lab access.
  • What are the support desk official hours?
    Our support desk is open from 9AM CST to 6PM CST on Monday through Friday.  It is closed for weekends, however, we do respond to requests sent through the support portal.  Most of our customers say that our support is one of our strongest aspects.  Teams meetings are always encouraged and we go out of our way to ensure that our student needs are addressed.
  • I have questions before purchasing. May I talk to someone?
    We are happy to answer any questions.  You may contact us here if you have any questions and we will be happy to setup a Microsoft Teams meeting to answer any inquiries or show you a demonstration.

Students Feedback

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Manuel Dun
April 14, 2021

This is a good introduction to Dynamics 365 and X++. The videos are really well explained.

Day 1: Developing with D365 and X++: Development Tools and Environment


Get started the right way in your Dynamics 365 X++ Developer Journey

    Prominent Features
  • Business Day to Complete (8 hours)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Mobile Friendly App for Learning
  • High Definition Training Video Quality
  • 4 hours of hands-on labs
  • 30 Days of Access including updates