[Content ReCap] and Thank You for Attending the D365 Training Webinar

[Content ReCap] and Thank You for Attending the D365 Training Webinar

He..he..he.. Some of my revered Performance Tuning Tricks for OnPrem Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations are out now, but it was well worth it. Thank you for attending everyone. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and the conversations. The audience was mixed with a lot of very advanced Dynamics 365 Technical Architects and some new people. There were some very fascinating discussions, and I will be looking into some of the suggestions that I heard from other technical architects and bloggers.

I’m a big fan of learning and am always happy to learn something.

Here is the Recap:

  1. We learned how to scope hardware for D365 Finance and Operations for the Processor versus Speed of Processor Ongoing Debate
  2. We looked at some of the performance metrics and I gave out the acceptable numbers based on my experience
  3. We learned of a suggested trick for speeding up OnPrem Performance a lot that I used on one implementation that shows a lot of promise
  4. (AS PROMISED BUT IT WAS HARD FOR ME TO GIVE IT UP) We learned a completely undocumented way to get real-time trace data on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation OnPrem!!!!!!!! Can we get an Amen?? I don’t think that it will be undocumented for long given the quality of bloggers and experts who attended the session. But I gave away my secret as promised.
  5. Big Time Gotcha with Latency to be prepared for in your Performance Tuning Checklist before Production
  6. Lots of interesting points brought up in discussion. We had a very passionate audience.

And here is the evidence again. It is possible to do real-time profiling of D365FO as we learned.. he..he…he.. I’m sure that this trick will get out in the open soon. Notice how we can see the times, what is having problems, and the code in real-time even in production.

Side Note: This particular training took on a very different path because of the advanced makeup in the classroom. I recognized many of the names in the training, and there were very experienced and knowledgeable people and the training took on a more advanced focus. That’s what happens when you get an audience like that in the class. However, some of you may have been beginners to D365FO or performance tuning. Reach out to the AXUG or me and let us know. I didn’t want anyone left behind and we can also do an introductory training webinar in the future.