5 Reasons to Pass Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB-300, MB-500 Exams

5 Reasons to Pass Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB-300, MB-500 Exams

microsoft mb-300 & mb-500 exam

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has gained great importance over the years.

It helps implement applications to meet the business requirements and gain the customer’s credibility, that is why MB-300 & MB-500 exams have taken huge importance over the past years.

Microsoft partners and customers definitely look for Dynamics 365 professionals to carry on their implementations and extract all the benefits from their systems. Some professionals who work in the modern globalized industry know about the need for companies to have qualified and experienced personnel.

Have professionals who feel the urgency to improve themselves developing their capabilities is the most required asset by the industry. And even with all the available free semi-training resources on social platforms, they may feel unable to improve their learning curve.

Professional training is serious business, the skills learned by experts move millions of dollars around the world.

Carrying the threads of the commercial world and being responsible for the work of thousands of people and the sustainability of operations is not for amateurs. Discover today in this post how to take advantages of the direct and indirect benefits from passing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB-300 & MB-500 exams

Points to consider in MB-300 & MB-500 Exams:

In this post, we will discuss:

  • What are the MB-300 & MB-500 Exams?
  • Who can take them?
  • How to prepare for them?
  • Reasons and Benefits of passing them
  • And some Takeaways

What are the Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB-300 and MB-500 Exams?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has provided over the years fully realized solutions by using standardized application coding patterns, extensible features, and external integrations for all who work with Finance and Operations apps. To become a D365FO Apps Developer Associate Certified professional, you must pass these two exams, let’s see them in detail:

Exam MB-300: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Core Finance and Operations

This exam is the first step for each Dynamics 365 FO certification, such as Finance (MB-310), Supply Management Manufacturing (MB-320), Supply Chain Management (MB-330), or Finance and Operations Apps Developer (MB-500).

It evaluates the candidate’s ability to handle technical tasks as:

  • Use common functionality and implementation tools
  • Configure security, processes, and options
  • Manage finance and operations data
  • Validate and support the solution

Exam MB-500: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Developer

This exam is the second step towards achieving the D365FO Apps Developer Associate Certified. It evaluates the candidate’s ability to handle technical tasks as:

  • Plan architecture and solution design
  • Apply developer tools
  • Design and develop AOT elements
  • Develop and test code
  • Implement reporting
  • Integrate and manage data solutions
  • Implement security and optimize performance

It is important to remember that each exam has been updated:

  • The content of the exam MB-300 was updated on October 16, 2020
  • The content of the exam MB-500 was updated on May 22, 2020
5 Reasons to Pass Dynamics 365 MB-300 & MB-500 Exams

Now let’s discuss who and how it can be achieved.

Who can take the MB-300 and MB-500 exams?

Developers who work with Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management are candidates for taking these exams. They should be capable of providing fully realized solutions, with hands-on experience with data structures and objects associated with Finance and Operations solutions. Must understand integrations of finance and operations applications with other systems, extensible features, and implementing the application lifecycle management process. Also, customize user interfaces, provide endpoints and APIs to support power applications platforms, test and monitor performance, and implement permissions policies and security requirements.

No matter what your career path is, surely a Microsoft certification is tailored to your specialty. For example, windows development and systems engineering, maybe programming for web development or data. Also database analysts and administrators, and database developers. Coupled with dozens of certifications available, you are sure to find an exam that suits your area of expertise. Also, it is increasingly necessary to have qualified professionals who are experts focused on the protection of computer networks and defense against piracy and fraud. Equally important for both private and public sectors as well. Not to mention that the cybersecurity field is one of the sectors that has expanded the most over the years and its importance is increasingly notorious. Of course, this happens since the severity and frequency of cyber threats are increasing sharply with each passing year.

How to prepare for MB-300 & MB-500 Exam?

Although this may look like a lot of work, not even one professional who got certified has come out and said something bad about it. In contrast, are getting great dividends in their careers and enjoying the benefits of it. But do not expect the exams to be simple, Microsoft has proven to be very jealous of these types of evaluations and as we saw earlier it continues to modify them.

The questions are carefully designed and not shared, even with people internally, to ensure that the approved people really deserve it. They are tough exams, designed to really test your competence with the product. In other words, candidates should make sure they prepare and have had enough training before trying. It is very easy for people, even professionals, to postpone or even ignore them for any reason, so it is necessary to create a plan to avoid this. Thus, using time correctly to study will be simple and you will have a way of prioritizing the hours of the day invested in it. It is also advisable to identify those moments where you may have fewer distractions and thus better absorb the material under study.

These two Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams test developers for various skills:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Exam MB-300 tests for a fundamental understanding of accounting principles and financial operations of businesses. As well as concepts and business processes behind customer service, field service, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain management. To learn more about exam MB-300 and how to prepare for it, look at the exam MB-300 study guide.
Exam MB-300 Study Guide
Exam MB-500 Study Guide
  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Exam MB-500 tests for the ability to develop business logic in X++, as well as reporting, testing, monitoring performance, data migration, integration, lifecycle management, functional designing, and more. For more detailed information about preparing for exam MB-500, check out the exam MB-500 study guide.

The developers need to have hands-on experience with the following products:

Even though is true and we must take the test with full seriousness, relaxing is necessary. You do not want to attend the exam nervous and afraid, this increases your probability of failing. Secondly, although passing is our goal, perfection is something additional. Finally, understand that it is part of life itself to guess some answer, get confused with another, or even lose one. Then don’t get hooked on that and remember that at the end of the day, even if it is not your goal, you can always take the exam again.

5 Reasons to get the Dynamics 365 certification:

Qualified professionals are always sought after by companies; those with these certifications have a step ahead in the job market. Certifications are the difference between starting the race ahead of the pack or at the end of the line.

So if you already have a job using computers then you work with one or more Microsoft products most likely. Also, its products are currently very popular in the labor market in different types of industry.

Therefore, there will be few opportunities you have to use them and show your skills in them. This is why you can rest assured, these certifications do not lose their value.

At the same time, in this world economy, the distinction as a professional from its competitors is key. The human resources departments in companies have the main goal of finding real talent. For instance, a specialized profile can describe his work experience but is difficult to prove it.

This is why having current certifications is key. Businesses rely on third-party verification and certifications like the one Microsoft offers. You can consider it as a real and lasting test of your knowledge of the systems in use today. Again, is beneficial to have relevant certifications in the industry and mix them with your experience and good references.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Exam MB-300 & MB-500 Exam

1. Official acknowledgement of skills

The Microsoft certification is an acknowledgement from Microsoft that the developer is qualified in the chosen field. It is official proof that a developer’s skills are tested to Microsoft standards and that they demonstrate a strong command of specific Dynamics 365 (F&O) skills, tools, and concepts.

Getting the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate certification adds great value to your resume as a developer who stands out among other developers in the market.

2. Career advancement

Becoming certified provides recognition as a valuable developer with tested skills and an opportunity to progress in your current role. The subject matter of this new certification gives employers a foundation for seeing your future value on their team.

3. Learning new processes and technologies

You can have missed out on available processes and technologies even if you’ve been working as a Dynamics 365 developer. Preparing for the certification requires you to learn processes and technologies that may be beyond your practical experience and knowledge. The course MB-300T00 and course MB-500T00 offered by Instructor Brandon provide dynamic instruction, enhanced content, custom labs, laboratory environments, and materials you need to maximize your investment. Hands-on practice with technologies like Lifecycle Services, Power Bi, and Azure. Also, Power Platform, Visual Studio, and Testing Tools will help your understanding of end-to-end development.

Intelligent Business Applications Platform

4. Higher benefits of monetary investment

In fact, Microsoft certification is difficult because of the required level of knowledge and its cost. For instance, it requires a financial investment to get instructor-led training to preparing for Microsoft exam MB-300 and exam MB-500. But gives great benefits like an acknowledgment from Microsoft and better job roles.

5. Proof of willingness to grow

The hard work to pass Microsoft MB-300 & MB-500 Exams is proof that you are willing to excel professionally. Therefore, businesses need promising developers who can bring positive outcomes by taking an extra step to learn.

Takeaways: Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB-300 & MB-500 Exam

Is beneficial to have training done by a certified instructor. This means having a real professional will be there to guide with access to a real lab environment to practice. However, preparation for the MB-300 and MB-500 exams is a full-time dedication. Professionals must see this as a challenge and a unique opportunity to grow and have a Microsoft Certification. For this reason, Microsoft Dynamics 365 certifications are among the most respected in the industry and give a competitive edge to any team.

Then the credibility of the team and companies increases and it opens the doors of global markets. Also, it will transform your business opening it up to new commercial opportunities. So, if you want to get hands-on training and exam prep, look at this development bundle. It offers a complete training series including Microsoft Dynamics 365 courses and offers 40% additional course content.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Courses

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