Video Real World Dynamics 365 On Premises Performance Testing

Video Real World Dynamics 365 On Premises Performance Testing

In this video, we got crazy and took Dynamics 365 On-Premises through some performance testing. So maybe Mr. Sawicki and I had a little too much fun during this video, but the results are real. With so many organizations trying to actively go to On-Premises D365 for Operations or looking at a hybrid approach, I felt like a post of this nature was very important. I hope it really helps a lot of people out as we really enjoyed making it.


And here are the things we addressed:

Dynamics 365 for Operations On-Premises Installation:

  1. How many virtual machines do you need for a minimum sandbox install? The answer is 4, but I recommend a minimum of 7 virtual machines though they can all be hosted on one cheap server.
  2. How much do you have to spend on hardware? We spent $269.00 a month for this setup (32 processers, 192GB’s of RAM) for a complete all in one On-Prem install with everything contained in the machine?
  3. How fast do the forms load with the new architecture? This was the most interesting result of all. Watch the video and you shall see.
  4. Any magic – as I’ve noted many times on my blog, all performance tuners have special tricks, but I plan on giving a number of those away (not all) in future blog posts. The performance picture for On-Premises is rapidly involving as the tools get better in the underlying architecture. 3 months from now, we’ll probably have even better methods than we do now for giving our implementations speed. It’s like night and day between the level of tools that we have today compared to yesterday.

And the Final Question – I don’t need a PhD in Dynamics 365 for Operations. I just need to know how to get it installed and installed right. Where can I learn this? Like George Martin, I’ve promised everyone that training is coming while missing several deadlines. But fear not, I’m now in the editing phase for my course and it’s a real-world walkthrough of Dynamics 365 On-Premises from end to end (and I mean everything from HyperV provisioning to keeping it up and running). I’m now ready to say that it will be out by February 1st. And I’ve promised that it won’t be overpriced. But I’ll talk about that more when we get there. In the meantime if you need to get it installed fast (2 weeks or less), stay tuned for the course. It will teach that. And I’m planning on holding a live stream very soon where we fix the problems the only way to do it – live and in front of everybody.

So, see everybody soon!! Hope you like the video.[vc_video link=”” title=”Dynamics 365 for Operations On-Premises Performance Testing”]


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    Hi Brandon

    this video is very short (11 secs) is this intentional? I would love to see more on this topic.


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