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Case of the Slow Dynamics AX Upgrade

Dynamics 365 Courses Instructor Brandon

A company that had been using and upgrading Dynamics for a long time, since version 4.0 suddenly found themselves in the midst of upgrade slowness. See, from a performance perspective, upgrades often present very special circumstances which will ordinarily lead to slowness. Believe it or not, this isn’t too unusual and can normally be fixed […]

Understanding your Second Largest Enemy towards Good Dynamics AX Performance

“Brandon, what the hell?” There is something about a conversation that starts out that way which pretty much tells you that it won’t be so pleasant. The lead technical architect was livid, and I mean “super mad” at me. I had been brought in to a Dynamics AX performance review, and he was reading the […]

A Fortune 500 Company, a Performance Tuner, Microsoft, and Slow Dynamics AX Performance

Dynamics AX Performance Tuning Text

I’ve tuned dozens of implementations with all kinds of strange issues, but last week I encountered an especially challenging case involving a Fortune 500 company, Microsoft, and slow Dynamics AX performance. Multiple members of Microsoft’s Premier Support (client had a dedicated support contract) had been on the case for months with no progress while I […]

How much database size is too much for good Dynamics AX Performance?

Dynamics AX Performance

Database size is our ultimate boxing match opponent for Dynamics AX Performance. Time and Time again, I’ve knocked it down, but it never stays down for the count. And when it gets back up, it can deliver a crushing blow that changes an implementation from fast to slow seemingly overnight. Without data archiving, it always […]

The Managers Performance Tuning Survival Guide for Day 1 Slow Dynamics AX Performance

Dynamics AX Performance Tuning

You just went Live and Dynamics AX Performance is crawling. First impressions are everything and this is one early impression that no one wants. This isn’t as uncommon as you would believe. Performance tuning new implementations is the most frequent request that I get at this time of year, and I’d like to share some […]

Case of the Poor Performance in the Financials Causing Late Night Work

Disclaimer: the methods/scripts here aren’t in any books or blog posts(until now) and come straight from my experience of having a lot of AX Performance battles. Please understand that these methods are not officially supported by Microsoft. They’ve just helped me get through 40 implementations successfully…. I’ll tell you right now. No matter how big […]

Strategies to get out of Performance Trouble Quickly in Dynamics AX Operations Part 1

I believe and preach best practices when it comes to performance tuning… However, sometimes, the fire is hot and we are experiencing some extreme pressure to get performance done quickly. So, we have to get practical fast and do something to help out quickly while buying time to truly fix the implementation. In this series, […]

Case of the Slow AX 7 Azure Dynamics AX Implementation

Dynamics AX Performance

Uh oh.. I was recently contacted with an ‘SOS’ for a severe case of AX 7 blues. In this case, everything was extremely slow. Let’s walk through the issue and how to fix it. Case: A new AX7 implementation reported general slowness all around, not just in one form but multiple forms. Also, the slowness […]

Case of the Slow Customer and Sales Order Forms in Dynamics AX plus Functional Hack

You will love this post if you have ever experienced slowness on the Customer, Sales Orders, or Vendors pages. There is performance tuning and than performance tuning on a high-volume implementation. High Volume implementations will not work for long out of the box and will require human tuning. Let’s look at a case of something […]


Starting an AX implementation out with incorrect SQL Settings is a sure fire way to ensure that you end up making healthy donations to the local psychiatrist for stress relief. SQL is always the first place I look when people tell me things are going slow. However, what I often find is that much of […]