How to Boost your D365 Career with MB-500 Exam Training?

How to Boost your D365 Career with MB-500 Exam Training?

Boost your Dynamics 365 Career with MB-500 Exam Training

How to boost your career with Dynamics 365 Training? Here’s how.

Perfection: something we constantly aim for in today’s world.

If you are a developer, you want your coding to be perfect; if you are a business owner, you wish negotiations would run smoother every single time. It is every organization’s dream to have perfect synchronized business processes 24/7. This is primarily important because nowadays, growth opportunities are-in many cases-just one click away. You can boost your Dynamics 365 career even without stepping outside your house today-which, for many, is extremely convenient (given the shortage of time and rapid growth in opportunities).

But how exactly can we start taking action and becoming the pioneers of our own lives?

Let’s take a look into our latest blog on Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB-500 Exam Training Opportunities and how you can steer your own wheel towards progress and maybe even perfection.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – The World’s Connected Business Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most requested tools nowadays; it is where data meets business. Cloud software and the functionality it offers to businesses is a guaranteed tool to lead you towards success. Companies are now more than willing to add these professionals (with a background in MS Dynamics 365) to their team.

What do the MB-500 Exam Modules cover?

Being an Industry Leader, Microsoft offers a series of exams and certifications in Dynamics 365: the MB-500 Exam is one of them. These modules cover developing with Finance and Operations apps from an introductory level. This one goes from core developer concepts, source code, frameworks and reporting tools to the main components of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

The next module teaches you building Finance and Operations apps. Understanding X++ code and Visual Studio are included here, as well as basic elements of the system. There is another module about extensions for these apps; these are handy for making changes that suit your company’s needs better. A different module covers integrating, connecting to and accessing to your data in these apps. Data integration is also part of this module. Finally, the last module is about migrating data, data management and user acceptance testing to go live with Finance and Operations apps. Clearly, these modules give you a grasp over what the exam is about. It contains valuable knowledge for those looking to achieve the best in the field.

D365 and MB-500 Exam From Exxon Mobil to Tivoli, Virgin Atlantic to Miami Heat: big or small businesses make use of this powerful platform to connect all their businesses needs in one single app.

Whether you’re looking for how to boost your career, up skill your employees or just improve your basic knowledge, education happens to be an integral part of your life; and training a valuable investment.

That being said, you must consider courses’ training as a valuable career move.

What is the MB-500 Exam?

Let’s be focused on what the MB-500 Exam consists of. The MB-500 Certification is one of the requirements to get a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate Certificate.

It grants you an effective entrance into the market, in other words.

This Certificate makes you eligible to demonstrate and provide useful IT solutions to businesses. In particular, MB-500 focuses on solutions for companies’ daily tasks. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps with planning, management and sales. On top of that, it makes all of the aforementioned aspects come together on a single platform. This makes things easier and less expensive for companies; the MB-500 exam proves that you can take in providing new solutions to business and supply chain management.

What skills does the MB-500 evaluate

Skills are the foundation for success in corporate language.

As of now, it is the perfect time to be ahead of your game and transform yourself into a valuable asset for various businesses implementing Dynamics 365. This exam ensures your management skills in data migrations, integration of Finance and Operations apps with other systems and implementing application life cycle management processes. It further evaluates managing Finance and Operations environments by using Life Cycle services and planning the functional design for solutions.

When we say IT processes, we mean implementing, extending and integrating business applications. We also mean developing business logic using X++ and customizing user interfaces. Lastly, the exam further includes creating and modifying Finance and Operations reports/work spaces. Of course, Microsoft suggests its own resources which are the baseline. From covering what to expect and what topics are relevant/irrelevant, their modules provide useful information for individuals starting out on their journey.

Below is an overview:

  • Developing with Finance and Operations Apps: This one goes from core developer concepts, source code, frameworks and reporting tools to the main components of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem
  • Building Finance and Operations Apps: Understanding X++ code and Visual Studio are included here, as well as basic elements of the system
  • Apps Extensions: These are handy for making changes that suit your company’s needs better
  • Data Integration: This one covers integrating, connecting to and accessing your data through these apps
  • Data Migration: This one is about migrating data, data management and user acceptance testing to go live with Finance and Operations apps

Going in-depth into these skills, we are going to talk about training.

Boost your Dynamics 365 Career with MB-500 Exam Training

Do you need MB-500 Exam Training to Boost your Career?

Yes, it would be extremely helpful on how to boost your career, and time saving-it would make things easier for you.

As the age old saying goes, “time is money”. If you know what to do or how to handle a situation before hand, you are already one step ahead at bringing solutions to your company. This means that you are a highly valuable member of your team, improving further onto your career path.

How can MB-500 Exam Training help you boost your career?

Boosting your career is a fundamental requirement, especially in today’s competitive market where everyone wants to stand out.
An MB-500 exam training course will help you build a stronger resume, adding updated skills to your repertoire to demonstrate your expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
MB-500 Exam


What are the available MB-500 exam training options?

According to Microsoft, you can rely on self-paced online training or instructor-led training. For the self-paced online training, we recommend you check out Microsoft learning path. As for the latest instructor-led training, we have a few interesting options:

How to Boost your D365 Career with MB-500 Exam

MB-500 Exam Instructor-led training? We’ve got it!

Whether you’re looking forward to improving your skills or simply trying to challenge yourself, the MB-500 exam needs in-depth training in order to be excelled at. This exam is extremely challenging and designed to test your skills to the core, so you must ensure you are prepared according to the standards this exam requires.

How do you boost your work experience with this? Well, this is how.

At Instructor Brandon, we have developed an MB-500 training course designed specifically to meet all the aspects of this exam: from theoretical to practical.

Instructor Brandon further offers a hands-on learning experience that is necessary in a good training program.

If you’re on your journey to get certified, we have another option for you!

A training course for both MB-500 and MB-300 exam.
An all-in-one training course that will prepare you on your path towards a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations App Developer Certification.

How to Boost your D365 Career with MB-500 Exam Training?

Of course, being a technology-oriented topic, we could use related methods and still be able to learn. For example, training through access to internet is one of those options, but we need to keep in mind some things that would make it fulfilling enough.

Let’s explore them:

Practical Knowledge

Real world based practices are necessary. They are essential for your desired goal. Look for options with hands-on labs, completely equipped with all the needed materials.

Needed Tools

Search for e-learning with modern and pertinent tools. Licenses, software, and other instruments will make it more realistic. Sometimes, not many people mention this beforehand. However, it is crucial to learn something you could actually apply at work.

Authority Approved

Look for instructors or e-learning institutions approved by an authority in their field. This way you will know they have stable credibility. Microsoft themselves published an article on their Microsoft Learn Blog about Instructor Brandon.

Technical Assistance

Look for courses with technical assistance. You probably know what a relief it is to rely on Service Desk whenever you need it! They are extremely helpful in case of unexpected issues. You can tell that an instructor really wants you to succeed, when they take these precautions beforehand. Perhaps the best piece of advice we can offer you is to do some extensive research before opting for the kind of training that suits you best. If you’re being assisted by an experienced mentor, you are always in safe hands. Take this opportunity to ask questions and get in touch with different trainers and their programs.

For more information on our courses, visit our website.

Exam MB-500 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Developer

Last Considerations

Why do people get certified?

Think about why you want this.

Is there a specific reason you want training for a Microsoft Certification? Are you asking how to boost your chances in the field? Because, according to the Pearson VUE 2018 Value of IT Certification Survey, there are a lot of valid reasons that are divided into tangible, personal and on-the-job ones. At the end of the day, they are all beneficial.


These benefits vary from salary increase (34.7%) to higher task importance (27.6%). Some people also reported job promotions (26.2%), or higher marks on their performance review (25.5%). Moreover, some even mentioned getting a new job (19%), or getting into their chosen field, where they had not worked previously (16.1%). On top of that, according to this survey, 65% of people reported realizing the first benefit within 3-4 months.


Talking about personal benefits, people felt greater self-confidence in their abilities (67.4%). It also increased their job satisfaction (40.5%), their credibility among co-workers (39.7%), and their optimism towards their career (34.8%). Likewise, people felt a greater drive and determination to succeed (33.6%).


These revolved around practical benefits. Some reported their knowledge being transferable to real work situations (55.1%). They were also able to provide more effective solutions (44.4%), and their productivity and task efficiency increased (44.1%). Getting a certificate increased their self-reliance too (36.6%).

Are you looking for any of these benefits? Are these some of the things you would like to achieve?

Take into consideration how much effort you are willing to put into your education. How to boost your training is unique to you. At the end of the day, there are several advantages you could get out of instructor-led training, but you need to be disciplined and rigorous in your approach. Your search also depends on your specific job role’s responsibilities. It could determine what benefits you want to gain out of your career, so be aware that knowing what you want is crucial as well.

What are the earnings of MB-500 Professionals?

Companies are open to investing more on a highly skilled professional, it’s a fact. They know that it would reap better solutions and results in their structural processes and organization procedures.

According to the Global Knowledge’s Annual IT Skills and Salary Report this is the earning expectancy of Professionals:

  1. Microsoft Developers earn around $103,000 to $104,000 per year.
  2. Microsoft Solutions Developers usually earn around $107,000 per year.
  3. Cloud Based Microsoft Professionals earn around $122,000 per year.

Currently, companies are looking for the aforementioned Dynamics 365 Professionals, mainly because they are scarce and have highly-demanded skillsets in the tech market. This could definitely help on how to boost your career right now.

Final words: Microsoft MB-500 Exam Training

In addition, we sincerely hope that you have enjoyed going through part 6 of our exciting Series on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Model. We at Instructor Brandon aim to provide quality services and training programs at all times, following the requirements of the industry.

Moreover, if you want to learn more about our company and available courses log on to our website Instructor Brandon or leave us a message. If you need to speak to me personally, get in touch by reaching out to me hereBrandon Ahmad, founder of Instructor Brandon and Dynatuners. And as always, we are available to help with any queries that you may have; leave us a comment in the section below and we will respond you as soon as possible.


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