Techno-Functional Dynamics 365 F&S Data Model Explanations for Reporting, Part 6 of 25 – Create and submit a Purchase Requisition

Techno-Functional Dynamics 365 F&S Data Model Explanations for Reporting, Part 6 of 25 – Create and submit a Purchase Requisition

Techno-Functional Series Part 6: Create & Submit a Purchase Requisition

Create and submit a Purchase Requisition

Purchase requisition is a step in the purchasing workflow that provides a way to accept, track and authorize purchasing requests from any internal department. Once approved, a requisition is an internal document that authorizes the purchasing department to buy items or services. 

Also, the approved purchase requisition can be used to create the purchase order in the system. Purchase orders are the external documents that the purchasing department submits to vendors. 


In this blog post we will create a purchase requisition for vendor US-111 and the item we will be requisitioning will be C0003. We will use the D365 Contoso environment (with USMF legal entity). 

How to Create and Submit a Purchase Requisition: Dynamics 365 Functional Walkthrough

How to Create and Submit a Purchase Requisition: Dynamics 365 Functional Walkthrough

Step 1

Open the D365 FO application in the browser and click on the button in the top left corner. From the displayed list click on Modules to further expand the list, then click on Procurement and Sourcing. Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 1

Step 2

From the newlydisplayed list parallel to the modules list, open Purchase requisitionand then click All purchase requisitions.Step 2

Step 3

In the All purchase requisitions form, all existing purchase requisitions are displayed in the grid. To create new purchase requisition, click on the New button in the top left corner of the form. 

Purchase Requisitions Dynamics 365 Step 3

Step 4

The ‘Create purchase requisition’ form will appear on the right side of the window. 

Purchase Requisitions Dynamics 365 Step 4

Step 5

As you can see, the Purchase requisition number is auto-generated – this will happen only if number sequence for purchase requisition is configured. Enter any meaningful name for the purchase requisition, and click OK at the bottom of the form. 

Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 5

Step 6

After clicking the OK button, the newly-created requisition is opened in a typical Dynamics 365 transaction form, with Header and Lines sections. Notice that the current status of our new purchase requisition header record is Draft. 

Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 6

Step 7

In the Purchase requisition headerselect value from the Reason drop-down in the Business Justification field group. 

Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 7

Step 8

Now we want to work with the Lines section. Click on the caret (as highlighted below) to collapse the Purchase requisition header area to bring this data into view. 

Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 8

Step 9

In the Purchase requisition lines section, click on the + Add line button to drop new detail line into the grid. 

Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 9

Step 10

When the new line is created, some of the values will be pre-filled with default values, such as the –Requester and the Buying legal entityClick inside the Item number field to select an item to requisition for purchase. A number of default values for that item will be brought into the detail record. 

Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 10

Step 11

Now click on Save in the toolbar.  

Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 11

Step 12

We have created our requisition; in the next step, click on WorkFlow in the toolbar, then select Submit. 

Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 12

Step 13

The Purchase requisition review – Submit form appears next. You can optionally enter comments about the requisition here. Click Submit to submit your requisition for approval. 

Step 14

After submitting for approvalthe purchase requisition status will be changed from Draft to In review. 

Purchase Requisition Dynamics 365 Step 14

How to Create and Submit a Purchase Requisition: Dynamics 365 Technical Overview

Now let’s have a look at the components of the Dynamics 365 data model behind these transactions. 

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)


Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) 

 Here is the Runnable class(job), which will create a purchase requisition.

class ibCreatePurchRequisition
    /// <summary>
    /// Runs the class with the specified arguments.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name = "_args">The specified arguments.</param>
    public static void main(Args _args)
        ItemId          itemId;
        PurchReqTable   purchReqTable;
        PurchReqLine    purchReqLine;
        InventTable     inventTable;
        itemId      = "A0001"; //Replace ItemId here according to your system's data
        inventTable = InventTable::find(itemId);
        //Validation if Item Id exists
            throw error(strFmt("The item id does not exist."));
        //Purchase requisition header
        purchReqTable.PurchReqId    =  NumberSeq::newGetNum(PurchReqTable::numRefPurchReqId()).num();
        purchReqTable.PurchReqName  = 'ibPR from Runnable Job';
        //Purchase requisition lines
        purchReqLine.ItemId              = itemId; 
        purchReqLine.BuyingLegalEntity   = CompanyInfo::find().RecId;
        purchReqLine.InventDimIdDataArea = curext();
        purchReqLine.PurchQty            = 2;
        info(strFmt("Purchase requisition '%1' created successfully",purchReqTable.PurchReqId));


PurchReqTable serves as the header table for purchase requisitions; here header-level data items like Purchase requisition Ids, Name, business justification code and status are saved.  

This table alone can be the basis for many useful reports, e.g.: 

  1. Purchase requisitions by status (i.e. Submitted, In review or Approved). 
  2. Purchase requisitions created within specific time period 
  3. Purchase requisitions submitted by specific user. 
Field  Data Type  Description 
PurchReqId  String  Unique identifier for a requisition 
BusinessJustification  Int64  Enum for a reason value (e.g. 0-General, 1-Renovation, 2-Specific) 
RequisitionStatus  Enum  Enum code for a status value (e.g. 0-Draft, 1-In review) 
PurchReqName  String  Optional meaningful nickname entered by requesting user 
PurchReqType  Enum  Requisition type i.e. General purchase saved here. 
SubmittedBy  String  Requesting user name 


This table serves as the details table in the purchase requisition creation process. Some reports that can be drawn from this table include: 

  1. Purchase Price trend by item and vendor 
  2. Total number of purchase orders created from requisitions 
  3. Purchase requisition details by vendor  
Field  Data Type  Description 
ItemId  string  Item ID of the item being requisitioned in this line 
PurchReqId  Int64  Associated purchase requisition number/id 
InventLocationId  string  Inventory location for this requisition line 
Requisitioner  Int64  Requesting user id, link to the HCMWorker table 
VendorAccount  String  Vendor ID to source the item requested in this line, link to VendTable 
PurchId  String  Purchase order id created from this line after approval 


In D365, this table is used to store information about vendor accounts. This table has relations with other tables for multiple operations. In the report development, this table is mostly used as a supporting table. Some major fields of this table are mentioned belowFor more details and queries about this table, please follow this link. 
<tableclass=”table-blog-post” data-tablestyle=”MsoTableGrid” data-tablelook=”1184″>

Field Data Type Description AccountNum string Unique number assigned to each vendor record Party Int64 Referenced recid of the DirPartyTable record for this vendor InventSiteId string Inventory site attached to vendor record    


In the process of purchase requisition creation, PurchTable is used when a user creates a purchase order from approved purchase requisitions. In this table the system stores information of Purchase orders. This table is also important to create reports for Procurement and Sourcing. 

All purchase orders are created against specific purchase requisition numbers. 

For more information about the table, please follow this link. 

Field  Data Type  Description 
PurchId  string  Unique number assigned to each purchase order record 
OrderAccount  string  Vendor account for which purchase order created 
InventSiteId  string  Inventory site attached to purchase order record 


This is an inventory table, and it saves information about all the released itemsAlmost all inventory processes use this table to select itemsThis table has a relation with EcoResProduct table to get the corresponding product number related to the item. Some major fields of this table are mentioned below. 

For more information about InventTable please follow this link. 

Field  Data Type  Description 
ItemId  string  Unique number assigned to each item record 
ItemType  enum  Item type i.e Item or service saved here 
NameAlias  string  Full name of item  
Product  Int64  Referenced recId of EcoResProduct table  


In this blog post we have discussed about Purchase requisition creation process. We created a purchase requisition for item number C0001 and used USMF as legal entity. After creation we submitted that purchase requisition. In second part we overviewed technical side of the purchase order creation process. As we came to know that header info of purchase requisition saved in PurchReqTable and lines details are saved in PurchReqLine table.  

Things have changed a lot since I started blogging over a decade ago. There are so many wonderful topics to blog and learn on today; it seems like one doesn’t even know where to start.  To make the process more friendly, I’ve introduced a new sort of post — the hybrid video/blog tutorial.  In this series, we will produce a video and blog for every topic covered.  Some very talented developers from my team have contributed their expertise to assist with this content/video approach to ensure that we keep our quality and quantity high.  I hope you all sincerely enjoy the new approaches that we’ve innovated..  And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.. I’m always here to help. – Brandon Ahmad

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed part 6 of our exciting series on the Dynamics 365 data model. We aim to provide quality service at all times.  And as always, if you need to reach me, you know how to get in touch by reaching out to me here.  — Brandon Ahmad, founder of InstructorBrandon and Dynatuners



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