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Strategies to get out of Performance Trouble Quickly in Dynamics AX Operations Part 1

I believe and preach best practices when it comes to performance tuning… However, sometimes, the fire is hot and we are experiencing some extreme pressure to get performance done quickly. So, we have to get practical fast and do something to help out quickly while buying time to truly fix the implementation. In this series, […]

Case of the Slow AX 7 Azure Dynamics AX Implementation

Dynamics AX Performance

Uh oh.. I was recently contacted with an ‘SOS’ for a severe case of AX 7 blues. In this case, everything was extremely slow. Let’s walk through the issue and how to fix it. Case: A new AX7 implementation reported general slowness all around, not just in one form but multiple forms. Also, the slowness […]

Understanding the Most Common Cause of Poor Performance within AX and SQL

Understanding AX and SQL

Let’s look at the most commonly misdiagnosed cause of poor SQL performance from my end. Years of experience and lots of implementations have taught me that the toughest part of being a Technical Architect is speaking up. One of the worst things you have to do as a Senior Technical Architect is warn a happy […]

1000 Percent Performance Improvement in Dynamics AX Master Planning Takeaways

Common notion is that a good MRP run can complete in about 3 and half hours for a big organization. But have you ever wondered about that? Just how fast could Master Planning go if it really got some performance tuning – I mean the nonstandard stuff that isn’t documented? It took years, but I […]

TechnoFunctional Tips to Diagnose and Identify Functional Problems causing Performance and Accuracy Issues with Master Planning in Dynamics AX Part 1

I thought I would write something a little different today. The two largest indicators which tell us that Master Planning is in need of some “lovin” and tuning are performance and accuracy problems. I don’t care how big the implementation is.  I’ve yet to see a case where a full planning run can’t be finished […]

TechnoFunctional Approach to Dynamics AX Advanced Warehousing Performance Problems Part 2 — Waves

So often I go on sites and find repeatedly that the most complicated technical solutions can often be resolved by just talking to people. Point demonstrated here where we will use less than 5 lines of code to fix a problem that has been bothering quite a few implementations because somebody took the time to […]

TechnoFunctional Approach to Dynamics AX Advanced Warehousing Performance Problems Part 1 – Waves

Advanced Warehouse Management in Ax is a great thing, but like any newer feature set, it has some issues that will take time to work out. Let’s put on our technofunctional Architect hats and walk through a challenging case that I recently encountered for a client. A lot of times what I find with newer […]

Case of the Slow Customer and Sales Order Forms in Dynamics AX plus Functional Hack

You will love this post if you have ever experienced slowness on the Customer, Sales Orders, or Vendors pages. There is performance tuning and than performance tuning on a high-volume implementation. High Volume implementations will not work for long out of the box and will require human tuning. Let’s look at a case of something […]

Technique for Solving AX Crashes and Slow Startups when you can’t find anything in the logs

If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a big fan of avoiding complexity by using simplified methods within tools to solve complicated problems – like when you can’t find information anywhere about what you are trying to solve. Here I’ll share one of my favorite techniques world for solving […]


My world was rocked when I learned that my precious General Ledger forms were taking forever to open up for a client. I take a lot of pride in the way that I customize and report on a ledger so to hear of some slow performance problems was very concerning. Users reported waiting minutes for […]