10 Reasons to be Here

10 Reasons to be Here

Thank you to all of my students for a wonderful year. Though I wouldn’t have picked me, I’m deeply touched to have won the TOP INSTRUCTOR Award in 2012.

You get one excited Microsoft Certified Trainer

Thank you for coming to my site. I’m an independent trainer and consultant, who has a big passion for data. I don’t know when it happened, but data just grabbed me. From there on out, there was no looking back. Thousands of students later, I’m here going stronger than ever. I love teaching and happen to be a very enthusiastic instructor. With consulting, I’d say that my biggest satisfaction is in seeing a full data solution develop from start to finish. It is absolutely amazing to watch a company take a large amount of data and turn it into an ultra-valuable resource.

Learn how to benefit from data in the Microsoft world the right way

In my consulting practice, I’ve often noticed a repeating pattern of organizations wasting millions of dollars on tools because they are implemented without best practices in mind. That stops here. I’ll say this now — it doesn’t matter how much money is spent — without sound methodology, the tool will fail. Thus, my tutorials will always be heavy on best practice methodology.

Some interactive video help

Check out my YouTube channel! All tutorials are free and for your enjoyment. At this stage of my career, I’ve taught thousands of people Microsoft products. I’ve had the benefit of working with all types of people from chief architects to end users. One thing that I’ve noticed is that videos are extremely effective.

For those of you, looking for a consultant, I’m extremely agile on project scope

In my career as a consultant, I have often noticed that the software solutions related to benefiting from data are priced the highest. One advantage to being an independent is that I don’t have the traditional overhead of a large firm. Projects don’t need to cost 6 or 7 figures to bring me in. I only require that a project be at least 5 business days (40 hours) for me to come on. This presents great opportunities for both large and small projects. I can come in and build reports, code custom Dynamics solutions, etc…

For training centers, you can get updates on my courseware and find previews for courses that I write to show students.

So, I’ve got a SharePoint 2013 end user course and a Dynamics course being published. I will make a full preview of the courses on my blog with me teaching 1 module on YouTube. While many Microsoft Learning Partners know me, for those of you that are new à I’m Brandon Ahmad. I’ve won the Top Instructor Award twice, maintained a 98% student satisfaction rate, and have attained a strong reputation for being dependable with high quality work. You can usually find me around the developer tracks. While I do not teach full-time (because consulting occupies a significant portion of my time), I certainly enjoy being in the classroom.

Wait, we are data people, why are you going to be teaching us about SharePoint Content Management Methodology?

Those of us who are in consulting and going from project to project have noticed a strong pattern developing – Integration. The Business Intelligence Expert is now being asked to also take on the role of the content management strategist. This is because of the increasing pattern of SharePoint being used as an Application Platform. This is a pattern that I’ve noticed. BI specialists: if you aren’t familiar with content management best practices, you are in the right place. SharePoint has become the Application Platform of choice for Microsoft data applications. Watch some of my tutorials for further guidance.

For consulting firms, learn how to do things the right way and impress clients

It can be very difficult for smaller consulting firms to start successful Dynamics practices or SharePoint practices. I’m an independent freelance architect who specializes in SharePoint data strategy and Dynamics Ax. Bring me in on projects to train your consultants on how to implement successful implementations. Learn to set things up correctly from requirements based templates to proper reporting layouts. Impress clients when you start to give them things like statistical data mining and decision support along with beautiful reports.

Get rid of the idea that it is hard to be a BI specialist or ERP specialist.

I’ve had the experience of teaching many, many people. I’ve watched determined people come in my classes and leave setting up cubes and correcting experienced pros on best practices. While BI and ERP salaries may be high, that does not correspond to difficulty. Anyone can learn it. But please understand there is an art in teaching this subject. It does take time to digest concepts, it does depend upon proper methodology. In both BI and ERP, you are directly producing business value. This means that you have to learn how to look at data in a business way and not in a technical data way. Let the tools implement your business methodology – that is what I try to teach. Then, afterwards, learn all the tricks to using the tool.

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I’m a huge bookworm. I love reading technical books. In classes, I’ve received several requests for book recommendations. I’ll share them here along with recommended paths for advancing your career in the business data methodology field. I look forward to sharing my passion about books with everyone.

As for my students, this is for you!

It took around 3 years of pushing, but my students finally convinced me to make a site like this. I deeply enjoy teaching and consider it an honor to teach so many wonderful people. I’d like to dedicate this site to all of you – all the discussions, all of the lunchtime food, the emails, and for everything else. You all took this small-time boy from Oklahoma and made his passion for data worth it!