Your first Performance Tuning lesson for Dynamics 365 Operations and Finance aka AX

Your first Performance Tuning lesson for Dynamics 365 Operations and Finance aka AX

I wanted to make this video to help those of you who are new to Dynamics Performance Tuning or just looking to gain a better understanding of it out. I also wanted to personally let everyone know that I’m very thankful for the many positive messages as of late. Sadly, a hectic work schedule has put me behind on responses, but I’m working on it. That being said, I did read every message and deeply appreciated all of the feedback. With so many new, talented people coming into D365, I believe we are going to really see a number of exciting solutions and innovative implementations over the next 5 years as they mature. One area that I wanted to answer some questions on is performance tuning. The main question is usually around where to start when performance tuning Dynamics AX (or D365).


Previously, I had covered some of the performance concerns here:

The Managers Performance Tuning Survival Guide for Day 1 Slow Dynamics AX Performance

This is a very good question. I think the single most important thing that you can do is

understand logical reads. I don’t care if it is a Fortune 500 company or an organization with 10 people. If they have performance problems, it is always good to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals. So, what I’ve done is produce a video over the fundamentals. It is the first conversation that I often have with an organization when I start. This is where you learn to look at performance tuning differently, see how to quantify it, and begin to understand the most common tactic of dealing with size along with some of the pitfalls with certain types of performance tuning. After that, I usually put them on a 3 month plan to have their employees eventually take over performance after I’ve trained them as performance applies to everyone.

It is really amazing how far you can go with a good understanding of some of the fundamentals. Anyway, I hope you all like the video.