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Alert – New Version of Tax Engine Caused Kernel Errors on 2012R2 version of Dynamics AX

Just finished one of those marathon weekends that every person whose job involves Support dreads.. You know, the one where you cancel all your great weekend plans because something unexpected and bad happened. Such was the case when a client of mine innocently downloaded the new version of the tax engine, tested it, and then […]


Starting an AX implementation out with incorrect SQL Settings is a sure fire way to ensure that you end up making healthy donations to the local psychiatrist for stress relief. SQL is always the first place I look when people tell me things are going slow. However, what I often find is that much of […]

The Simple Way to do Advanced Dynamics AX Troubleshooting(Walkthrough)

Having returned back to blogging after the recent birth of my newborn son, I have to say that I’ve missed it. So today, I thought that I would share one of my most coveted but simple methods of troubleshooting. But don’t be fooled. The methods here basically involve little more than the push of a […]

The Art of Advanced Troubleshooting and Debugging for Production Scenarios in Dynamics AX

Today, we are going to do something that I haven’t seen documented on the net – the art of debugging a Production environment in Dynamics AX. One of my secrets to fixing so many implementations is to understand that not every problem is a by the book, ideal fairy-tale scenario. Sometimes errors occurs in Production […]