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Undocumented Maximum Size of a Report File in Dynamics AX

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So, I was called into an implementation to quickly super charge the Reporting effort as things were stalled. I needed to get out some invoice customizations which normally doesn’t take long. Things started out well, but something really strange started happening. Almost out of nowhere, no more of my report changes would take after changing […]

Local AX Users NEW YORK SEPTEMBER 21st Live Recorded Session on Power BI

Just how fast can you can get reports and dashboards out with Power BI for free?  Taking a real-life example from a recent implementation, we walk through a Power BI Case Study for Customer Aging.  There are lots of questions from real-life implementations as this is from our fellow AX enthusiasts at the New York AXUG.  The […]

Keeping Promise to show how to report on the GL in AX 7 Part 1

For those of you who attended my recent presentation in New York with Computer Futures and Microsoft, you may have remembered me promising that I would write a tutorial or two demonstrating how to hook the powerful GL into all the reporting goodies we talked about. Consider this part 1 of my promise to my […]

Tutorial: The Easy Way to Predict Sales with Dynamics AX Data

Even with companies that have been using AX for years, I commonly find that less than 10% of the BI features are being used. In this tutorial, let’s tackle the common case of a company wishing to use an acceptable and easy way to leverage their Dynamics AX Data to predict sales for the next […]