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Real-World Examples to Understand the Most Significant AX 7 Code Change towards Enterprise Code Stability

Sometimes big things happen which get little press or coverage, such as the case with the move to the file based code deployment in our newest version of AX. In this post, we’ll look at some real-world, but currently undocumented ways, to truly utilize the new changes towards efficient best practice, continuous improvement code methodology. […]

Dynamics AX and TFS Tutorials Part 4: How 5 minutes of Agile Dashboard work saved the Dynamics AX Project Manager Countless Hours

It was my initial meeting with the Project manager where we go over goals. This part is critical because a Technical Architect and the Project Manager both have a symbiotic relationship. Each one can greatly make the other’s life easier. So, my project manager was unfamiliar with Agile. He didn’t reject it, but he did […]

Dynamics AX and TFS Tutorials Part 3: The Agile way to unify the Technical and Functional members into a Team

Why do so many implementations proceed without an accepted industry best practice software development lifecycle when the implications of doing this are well-known and all bad (e.g. very, very expensive)? The reason is a little more complicated than at first glance. In traditional software development we have business analysts who are responsible for gathering requirements […]

Dynamics AX And TFS Tutorials Part 2: Harnessing the Power of an Agile based AX Implementation

If I had to pick the most common reason for ERP Projects failing or going over budget, it is pretty easy to identify a poor development lifecycle process as the usual culprit.  Our villains (scope creep and rework) are always present and exceptionally good at escalating spending on those implementations without a proper development methodology.  When we look at […]