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Techno-Functional Dynamics 365 F&S Data Model Explanations for Reporting, Part 1 of 25 – Purchase Order Creation Tables

Introducing The Dynamics 365 Techno-Functional Data Model Series Things have changed a lot since I started blogging over a decade ago.  There are so many wonderful topics to blog and learn on today; it seems like one doesn’t even know where to start.  To make the process more friendly, I’ve introduced a new sort of […]

Beginning Management Reporter Tutorials Part 4 management reporter doing what it does best with financial data

In Exercise 4, we finally see our completed report. Hold on to your horses baby.. We get to see our powerful management reporter in action with a full-blown powerful report (based on a real-world example that I developed for a company). People always ask me why I consider Management Reporter so important. Easy, there is […]

Beginning Management Reporter Tutorial Series

I’m in the midst of finishing up a very successful assignment. You know, one of those assignments that every freelance consultant dreams of where you come into a stressful situation and leave with everyone extremely happy. What stood out about this assignment is that one of my key tasks was to develop reports. The company […]