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Diary of a Fixer: Top 10 Risk Issues that I see on Dynamics AX Implementation after Implementation

Having worked on many AX implementations has taught me to look for certain warning signs. One of my clients on an implementation asked me to give them a top 10 risk issues that I see on implementation after implementation. In other words, for a new implementation, are there some gotcha’s that they should look out […]

Diary of a fixer: the Art of Estimating work and setting Realistic Expectations in Dynamics AX Part 1

If I had to go back, past all the lessons learned (many courtesy of the school of hard knocks), the most precious one was learning how to give realistic timelines for estimated work. Most projects fail because inaccurate estimations were made in the early stages resulting in wrongful assumptions. After that, schedule pressure sets in […]

Diary of a Fixer: Why Do Dynamics AX Implementations Fail?

This is a special series that I’m writing over time to share many of my learnings from experience on Dynamics AX implementation. On my site and blog, I mainly focus on technical training and learnings. However, in the consulting world, I often have another role. Sometimes, implementations go bad, and things can get real nasty. […]