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Brandon’s hack to learn the table structure in Dynamics AX

One of the hardest things for someone just starting out in AX is to learn those tables. First of all, there are thousands of them. Second, there is help – the visio tool, the new website with the schema.. But still, wouldn’t it be nice if there was just a listing of the primary tables […]

Beginning Management Reporter Tutorials Part 3 – Your First Row Definition

Up until this point, we’ve been concerned with the look and feel of the application. Now, we’ll actually change our concern to the data itself. Our new request for data hinges upon adding a new account to the row of data with a row for totaling values as well as Subtotal and final total line. […]

Beginning Management Reporter Tutorials: Part 1 – Your first trial balance

Exercise 1: Your First Trial Balance – A trial balance allows us to instantly see the financial value of every single account. For those of you new to financial concepts, think of it as a running sum which tells you where the money is being spent at a particular point in time. Dynamics AX comes […]

Brandon’s SSRS Report Builder Tutorial Video Series: Sparklines – why and how to use them with SQL Server 2012

  So sorry about taking so long. These have been busy days, and I’ve been backed up, but I’ve read every one of the comments that I’ve received via email and thank you so much. I really do appreciate the positive encouragement. It’s been hectic, but I promise that I will finish this SSRS tutorial […]