Brandon Ahmad


ABOUT Brandon Ahmad

( Founder )

Brandon Ahmad is a Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead – USA, and he also has worked as a freelance senior architect for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain for several years. He developed his competencies as a successful consultant and trainer and has a history of helping companies globally to solve or help with advanced scenarios. Working with a team of talented developers, his projects often focus on solution architecture and automated performance testing and tuning.

He loves what he does and is still as energetic in his forties as he was in his twenties. With the unswerving energy and passion, he continues to work on a number of advanced implementation programming scenarios in Dynamics AX/365. His great enthusiasm and incredible dedication won him several awards for outstanding training and gained an immense reputation in consulting over the years.

Ahmad belongs to Oklahoma where his family had deep roots in boxing and farming. But he left Oklahoma to begin a career in tech and to quest for more opportunities in Dallas at the time. Now he feels great that his effort was worth it and over the last 3 years, he has successfully developed two companies. Dynatuners, which specializes in developing and carrying out high-end performance tuning Dynamics ERP implementations. Also, Instructor Brandon, which specializes in delivering high-quality real-world training with an innovative hands-on technical lab experience and custom enhancements.

There are several exceptional success stories in Ahmad’s career as a solution architect for Dynamics 365 F&S. Once he rewrote Microsoft's Master Planning algorithm to make a billion-dollar company over 10 times faster on carrying out their supply chain which was considered impossible otherwise.

Ahmad envisions to continue providing training for Dynamics 365 F&S development through real-world practical knowledge he earned with his years of experience. And he aims to keep helping organizations becoming successful with the technical aspects of Dynamics Operations through services in B2B enterprise development space.