Using Workflows Office 365 Power Automate Course

The Power Automation Course intends to provide a detailed description of Microsoft Power Automate. It contains an explanation of every [...]

What you will learn

  • Starting Microsoft Power Automate from scratch
  • Creating and managing Flows of different types
  • Working with Power Automate Desktop
  • Creating and Integrating Flows using Windows Recorder and Selenium IDE
  • Managing Data Connections and Gateways
  • Creating and managing Dataverse background Workflows
  • Creating and integrating Custom Connectors
  • Administration of Power Automate
  • Configuration of Power Automate as per Regions


  • Familiarity with Windows 10
  • Knowing how to install programs and navigate files
  • Basic knowledge of URLs
  • A stable internet connection (10 Mbps recommended)
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • A basic idea of IP Addressing


The Power Automation Course intends to provide a detailed description of Microsoft Power Automate. It contains an explanation of every Power Automate component. You'll learn how to create an account, advanced administration and development of custom elements in Power Automate. Moreover, it will help you in managing Power Automate Desktop, and with the integration of third-party Flows. Therefore, after completing the course, you will be able to start a career as a Power Automate Developer, or as the Administrator for a Company’s Task Automation System using Power Automate.

Course Content
  • Module 1: Getting Started with Power Automate
    This Module is a basic introduction to Power Automate, its features and components. Moreover, it explain Flows and different types of Flows.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Power Automate
    Lesson 2: Types of Flow
    Module 1-Quiz 1
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Create Your Account for Power Automate
    Lab 2: Building a Flow
    Lab 3: Edit a Flow
  • Module 2: Power Automate for Everyone
    This Module displays features of Microsoft Power Automate, useful for people with different professions.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Power Automate for Innovators
    Lesson 2: Power Automate for Business
    Module 2 Quiz
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Create a Flow from scratch
    Lab 2: Creating Environment
  • Module 3: Process Advisor
    This Module is focused around Process Advisors and working with Processes.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Process Advisor
    Lesson 2: Analyzing Processes
    Lesson 3: Visualizing Processes
    Lesson 4: Sharing Processes
    Module 3 Quiz
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Create a Process
    Lab 2: Analyze a Process
    Lab 3: Visualize a Process
    Lab 4: Share a Process
  • Module 4: Cloud Flows
    This Module introduces you to different types of Cloud Flows, and Triggers. Moreover, you will learn troubleshooting different issues with Triggers, Virtual Agent Bots, Dataverse, and how to make processes intelligent.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Cloud Flows
    Lesson 2: Introduction to Triggers
    Lesson 3: Power Virtual Agent Bots
    Module 4 Quiz 1
    Lesson 4: Introduction to Microsoft Dataverse
    Lesson 5: Different Cloud Scenarios
    Lesson 6: Introduction to Solutions
    Lesson 7: Embedding Intelligence
    Lesson 8: Fixing issues with Triggers
    Module 4 Quiz 2
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Create Instant Flow
    Lab 2: Change the Trigger
    Lab 3: Get Data from Dataverse
    Lab 4: Create an Approval
    Lab 5: Share Flows among Solutions
  • Module 5: Power Automate Desktop
    This module introduces you to Power Automate for Desktop and its components. It also covers Dataverse Databases and accounts that can be used with Power Automate. We will also discuss Flow Console and Process Migrations
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Power Automate Desktop
    Lesson 2: Different types of Accounts
    Module 5 Quiz 1
    Lesson 3: Introduction to Flow Console
    Lesson 4: Flow Designer and Action Reference
    Lesson 5: Process Migrator
    Module 5 Quiz 2
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Create a Dataverse Database
    Lab 2: Create a Desktop Flow
  • Module 6: Types of Desktop Flows
    This Module explains different types of Desktop Flows and different Data Flow Builders.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Overview of types of Desktop Flows
    Lesson 2: Inputs and Outputs to Windows Recorder Flows
    Lesson 3: Introduction to Selenium IDE
    Lesson 4: Inputs and Outputs to Selenium IDE
    Module 6 Quiz
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Record a Flow with Windows Recorder V1
    Lab 2: Record a Flow using Selenium IDE.
  • Module 7: Business Process Flows - Change in Labs
    This module explains Business Process Flows, custom controls, and best practices for Business Processes Flow.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Overview of Business Process Flows
    Lesson 2: Custom controls for Business Process Flows
    Lesson 3: Best Practices for Business Process Flows
    Module 7 Quiz
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Create a Business Process Flow
  • Module 8: Connection to Data - Change in Labs
    This Module will introduce Connectors and Data Gateways in Power Automate.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Connections
    Lesson 2: Data Gateways in Power Automate
    Module 8 Quiz
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Manage Connections
    Lab 2: Manage Connections using on-Premises Gateways
  • Module 9: Dataverse Background Work Flows
    This module covers Dataverse background Work Flows, Task Flows, Dialogs and Replacements of Dialogs.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Classic Dataverse Work Flows
    Lesson 2: Introduction to Classic Dataverse Task Flows
    Lesson 3: Introduction to Classic Dataverse Dialogs (Deprecated)
    Module 9 Quiz
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Building a Model Driven App
  • Module 10: Power Automate for Developers
    This Module is for Developers who want to create applications for Power Automate to increase its usability.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Overview
    Lesson 2: Custom Connectors
    Lesson 3: Custom Data Service Workflow Activities
    Lesson 4: Test Drive Solution
    Module 10 Quiz
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Building a Custom Connector
  • Module 11: Power Automate Administration
    This module describes management of Power Director Services for an Organization’s User.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Important Questions and Answers
    Lesson 2: Managing Prices and Billing
    Lesson 3: Administration Environment
    Lesson 4: IP Configurations
    Module 11 Quiz 1
    Lesson 5: Data Loss Prevention Policies
    Lesson 6: Microsoft Application Management
    Lesson 7: Managing Data Subject Discovery Requests
    Module 11 Quiz 2
    Labs Duration
    Lab 1: Create a Data Policy
  • Module 12: References
    This Module describes Regions, where Datacenters are located, and which services are available in the region. Moreover, it explains limitations of Flows and Web API.
    Lessons Duration
    Lesson 1: Regions Mapping
    Lesson 2: Limitations of Flows
    Lesson 3: Power Automate Web API
    Module 12 Quiz 1

About the Instructor

Brandon Ahmad, MCSE

Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead - USA

8.8 out of 9.0 Average Instructor Rating

Top Instructor Award Twice

MCSE Certification in Dynamics 365

Freelances as hands-on Technical Lead with very advanced development scenarios for Day Job

Brandon Teaches D365 for Finance and Operations Programming

Brandon Ahmad is a Dynamics 365 Technical Solutions Architect and CEO of Instructor Brandon. In his years of experience working with different Microsoft Technologies such as Dynamics 365, Power BI and Power Apps, he has been able to consult over 60 implementations across the globe. Being solution-oriented and implementing advanced scenarios, he has dedicated his time to creating training courses for programmers and developers alike; those interested mainly in learning Microsoft Technologies.
As an Instructor, he strongly believes in being able to master developmental skills; as long as one achieves the right set of training and guidance. Providing students with several enhanced Microsoft training courses that focus on providing a hands-on learning experience, Ahmad’s biggest secret to teaching lies in his ability to nurture those who take his courses.
His best reward (in his own words) is “hearing that my students saved time and mastered Microsoft Technology skills, knowing that my courses played a vital part in that success.”

    Prominent Features
  • Interactive lessons with Live Demonstrations
  • Custom-enhanced HTML5 RDP labs
  • Mobile app
  • Dedicated support (16 hours a day)
  • Certification upon Completion