X++ in 7 days Part 1: Dev Tools

Become an X++ developer in 7 Days: Day 1 The Development Environment

Created by Brandon Ahmad


Last Updated on 04/30/2018

What Will I Learn?

Create and setup Dynamics Development Environments from the ground up

Understand the different Azure Subscriptions enough to identify a  feasible development strategy

Understand the various project types in D365 and how they can help your organization

Know when to use each type of development item for faster and more efficient development

the Application Explorer Window along with real world examples of how to use it

Dynamics 365 specific options available in visual studio including  developer helper tools

Setup  and understand the Dynamics 365 specific components necessary for using source control

Learn to use specific tools outside of Visual Studio that are necessary for successful development in Dynamics 365


  • Videos are best viewed with  1920 x 1080 resolution
  • A stable internet connection


Starting from the very beginning, you will go in depth and learn the major components of a D365 for Finance and Operations development strategy.  You will learn how to setup and configure one environment or multiple environments, strategies for both on premises, cloud,  and hybrid development, scaling out across multiple developers, maintaining source control, and accurately  using the development tools to save time.

Several interactive exercises in the form of quizzes will be provided for you to test your knowledge and ensure that you have gained the prerequisite knowledge.

This is a foundation course that holds the prerequisites to successfully complete the later courses on X++ and Dynamics 365 development and can be taken by anyone.

Who is the target audience?

  • This is a fundamentals course.  The course is intended to be used as one of two courses designed to quickly bring beginners up to speed on the fundamentals of x++. Absolute beginners to Dynamics 365 development and people who are experienced with Dynamics AX 2012 development looking for a quick primer on the new development environment are the target audience.

About the Instructor

Brandon Ahmad, MCSE
Brandon Ahmad, MCSE

8.8 out of 9.0 Average Instructor Rating

Top Instructor Award Twice

MCSE Certification in Dynamics 365

Freelances as hands-on Technical Lead with very advanced development scenarios for Day Job

Brandon Teaches D365 for Finance and Operations Programming

Brandon Ahmad is a lead, hands on Technical architect during the day and a passionate instructor at night.  He believes that the best way to teach programming is by example with many custom real world scenarios.  He also believes that anyone can become good at development as long as they have the right teaching, work ethic, and curriculum.

To date, he has helped over 55 implementations while often solving and implementing many very advanced development scenarios.

His biggest secret to teaching is to simply care about the people who take his courses.  His best reward is to hear of someone who saved a lot of time and mastered Dynamics while knowing that his course played a part in that success.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is one of 2 courses that is deemed as fundamentals.  The other course covers the foundational components of X++ programming.  These courses are designed to quickly provide the basics of x++ so that someone can springboard to more advanced practicality.  Someone would not be ready to develop at a high level with a fundamentals course.  What they would have is the foundational tools to learn how to develop in X++ a lot faster.

This course is appropriate for beginners.  The later courses go into far more detail and application.

This course includes walkthrough exercises that you can follow along with provided that you have a virtual machine.  In fact, you are highly encouraged to follow along with all the walkthroughs. The walkthroughs have been written in such a way where they can be done on a clean Dynamics 365 VM.  Currently, all walkthroughs are compatible with the 8.XXXXX platform versions.

Please note that all sales are final.  That being said, we do offer one lesson component of the course as a preview with no obligation so that everyone may try out the course free of charge. Great effort has also been made to carefully document what you will learn on the courseware page.

This course series has been designed with 2 goals in mind.  It primarily aims to rapidly prepare someone for x++ development by providing a highly focused learning experience with lots of hands-on experience.  That being said, we also recognize that certification preparation is needed also.  Thus, the course also includes certification coverage.  Within the course series, all objectives will be covered.  Some in this course and others in 2 of the additional courses.


Note: the courses will cover much more than what is included in the certifications.  Many real world examples will be covered which are beyond the scope of certification but very relevant to real-world.

I, Brandon Ahmad, have actually participated in the Microsoft official Certification Exam Writing Process.  Even Microsoft’s official courses do not guarantee that someone who takes them will pass the exam.  No legitimate, official qualified course does this.  The objective of certification training is to equip one with a set of skills which will serve as an aid in certification preparation.  But the exam writing process is confidential.  Great effort has been made to ensure that this course strongly aids your certification advancement, but you will NOT receive the exact certification questions from this training.

We take the courseware writing process very seriously.  Every course goes through a beta process of heavy testing before being released.  Every line of code has also been scrutinized.  We stand by our quality and will only release courseware at the highest quality.  Over one year, for example, was spent planning out the development of this series.

Yes there is a mobile app for this course so that you may study while on “the go” — in the gym, perhaps on a train, ect.  We’ll look for more avenues also in the future such as an offline mode for those who must travel.

Please note that the 2 fundamentals courses were designed to be introductory courses.  One of the reasons why we left out the directly hosted Azure labs was to cut down on costs but still deliver the quality.  Great effort was made to deliver the course at an acceptable price point for as many as possible to be able to take advantage of learning.  Each course and the pricing options will take the same approach of carefully balancing features to deliver high quality, but be as efficient as possible.

Coachable sessions are group online sessions that will be scheduled where you can come and ask direct questions to a qualified instructor (usually the instructor who teaches the course) on direct course content.  This is an excellent time to get help and get your questions on the course answered.  You are free to come to as many of these sessions as you like during the time period that you have support (90 days from date of purchase).

There are 4 courses involved in the 7 days to becoming an X++ developer series series:

Day 1: Dev Tools (Jan 1st)

Day 2: Intrinsics of X++ Programming (Jan 1st)

Day 3: Forms and Form Patterns Part 1

Day 4: Forms and Form Patterns Part 2

Day 5: DIXF and Entities

Day 6: Services and Entities

Day 7: Reporting in X++

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    Muhammad Aijaz

    Nice course

    • Brandon Ahmad

      Thank you Mahar. Been working hard at it and appreciate the comment.

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