Instructor Brandon / Dynatuners was started by Brandon Ahmad, who spent over fifteen years as a freelancer going on tens of implementations. During his time as a freelancer, he noticed that performance tuning was often overlooked, and he found that he enjoyed the process of speeding up implementations. Over a decade of experience later and with multiple high-profile deliveries, he became one of the most requested Dynamics Technical Solution Architects in the world. In 2017, he decided to begin work on a performance tuning ISV that would fill in gaps and make good Dynamics performance more affordable. From this effort, a new company was established called Dynatuners. Today, Brandon still leads and heavily works on every implementation that his company performance tunes, but also has a team at Dynatuners, who are exclusively dedicated to Dynamics performance tuning providing even more robust service. In the year 2019, Dynatuners has maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rate on all implementations that have been worked on. Furthermore, all customers from 2019 have requested new projects over new opportunities after the successful delivery of the original challenges, a fact that the company is very proud of to this date.


Our mission at Dynatuners is to help companies get the most out of their Dynamics software investment by ensuring that the speed and efficiency of the system meets the everyday business needs and requirements.


Dynatuners is dedicated solely to achieving strong Dynamics performance. Dynatuners combines Microsoft’s best practices along with customized processes that are often able to meet business needs where traditional Dynamics approaches fail, such as aligning code with business process performance requirements, external services with Dynamics performance, custom instrumentation and diagnostics, business intelligence performance, upgrade performance, archiving data for more lean databases for performance, and even major rewrites of code to add functionality while meeting performance goals.


Our performance tuning process in proprietary and unique. From our company owned cloud research labs, we’ve created or repurposed over 150 different analytics to correct various Dynamics Performance Tuning processes, giving us one of the deepest (if not the deepest) Dynamics performance libraries in the world. We are constantly adapting to new conditions and challenges so that our performance tuning approach remains on the cutting edge. What you get from us is experience and expertise. We know which questions to ask, how to find the answers, and what to do in order to get your performance issues resolved.


At Dynatuners, we’ve corrected many performance issues. Some examples include significant improvements to end of the month closing that saved countless hours for financial departments, improvements to warehouse picking that sped up implementation by a factor of 10 times, master planning speed enhancements on several implementations, upgrades that reduced downtime from 6 days to 14 hours, and many examples in business intelligence such as cubes, ODS management, and dashboard design and performance.


Key Benefits

  • Easy, seamless experience for performance tuning.
  • Less man hours worked with a faster system.
  • System performance that is ready for busy systems.
  • Read memory dumps to see the root cause of the crashing issues.
  • Upfront, low-risk pricing model without long-term contract.
  • Reporting help for Power BI slow connections
  • Reporting help for slow reports

Performance Process for Fixing Issues

  • Root cause initial diagnostic.
  • Onboard and start project with diagnostics.
  • Clarification from customer on any unanswered questions after setup.
  • Diagnose and recommend prototype.
  • Fix and test until working.

Service deliverables of the proposal

  • Analysis of slow cube processing issue.
  • Investigate and scope the processing issue while getting agreement on what to do to fix along with timeline and needed scope.
  • Discover any other needed processes to enhance and provide support for business – Power BI Dashboards for Cubes, analytics or AI for Master Planning, any slow running non-cube reports that need redesign, any things that need to be added to existing cubes.
  • Leave with enough information to begin building a working prototype to resolving the cube issues.


  • All recommended solutions are backed by numbers/metrics
  • Covering traditional out of support areas with Microsoft
  • Strong emphasis on long-term fixes but emergency short-term when needed to buy time
  • Extensive X++ coding, hardware configuration, database expertise
  • Assignment is on demand, but estimates given per a duration


What Is Performance Tuning

Dynamics performance tuning is the optimization and efficiency of the system with speed while not sacrificing accuracy and data integrity. It produces gains in business performance.

Benefit to Business Team

Service Assurance
Mitigate risk of delays in business processes
Increasing Quality of Service for the existing system
Improve Productivity and Efficiency
Application teams can monitor if users are using the application effectively, performing the right activity on the application for the assigned task in an efficient time frame.
Because of the visibility gained on the usage activity and the processes being run Business Process Managers can quickly identify bottlenecks within business processes and optimize them for maximal organization productivity
Delivery Assurance
Mitigate risk of delays through the visibility gained during the testing and parallel run phases, any issues with application, network and infrastructure can be identified, diagnosed, and resolved efficiently; thereby, avoiding costly business delays.


Topics covered by the Performance Evaluation:

DynaTuners Performance Checklist Activities

1- Environment Review
2- Indexing Review
3- ISV Review
4- Localization && Configuration keys Review
5- Internal Infrastructure Review
6- Power BI Performance Review
7- Lifecycle Services Monitoring Review
8- Lifecycle Services Maintenance Review
9- Azure based Monitoring Review
10- Azure based Maintenance Review
11- Dynamics 365 Operations Code Review
12- Continuous update performance Review
13- Cleanup Routines Review
14- Integrations Review
15- Azure Service Based Monitoring Review
16- Azure instrumentation Review
17- Client-side monitoring Review
18- Service Fabric and Azure SMB 3.0 Review
19- Investigation process for Performance Review
20- Browser best practices for D365

Schedule 1:

Travel Schedule

WeekTasks / ConfigurationsRemote/Onsite
1Run diagnostic TestsRemote
2Diagnostic Results/Activity Plan/ReportOnsite

To ensure that deliverables are complete, and all questions answered, please have any applicable management or personnel on the last period meeting/presentation with the answer period of the analysis phase deliverable.