Nauman Ahmed

Senior Animator

ABOUT Nauman Ahmed

( Senior Animator )

I’m currently leading Marketing Team in the well-renowned company, Instructor Brandon. I started off my career in this company as a graphic designer animator. However, my keen interest in marketing and my collaborative work behavior led me to undertake the responsibilities of marketing activities of my organization as well. I’m involved in developing and managing marketing campaigns with the help of my marketing team.

My dazzling designing and animation skills help me to communicate creative concepts with the customers of my organization and translate them into the formation of effective marketing strategies that generate sales. Designing visual concepts is my favorite job in my field of designing by using different graphic design tools and software.

I have vast experience in designing and animation and I’ve polished these skills over time through different experiences. I have a profound interest in designing and I’ve always been interested in taking part in activities related to art and design. Luckily, I got into this field of my interest and that’s the main reason for my ardent behavior and non-stop dedication towards my work. My expertise includes Animation & Designing, Logo Designing, Illustration Designing, Video Editing, Adobe Tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Adobe Premiere pro), Xampp Server, SQL Server, and Installation & configuration of production databases.

I’m collaborative and hence I believe in teamwork for achieving personal as well as organizational goals. My fervent nature leads me to do my work dedicatedly by collaborating with my marketing team, branding experts, developers, content writers, and all other team members who are related to creating media. My major skills include articulating and pitching design concepts that can meet the goals of my organization.

In the future, I’m looking forward to excelling in my field of designing and to explore its upcoming dimensions. I’m also interested in animation and want to mark my way in animation and visual effects.

I’ve got great energy that keeps me involved in various physical activities. I love to do horse riding and going for a hack on a horse is a blend of excitement, adventure, and relaxation for me. I’m also a swimming enthusiast and like to get in those laps whenever I have time. Well, this is not all I do in my free time, I also play Polo and Boxing. I prefer getting involved in these productive hobbies that help me to enhance my focus and that’s the reason for my proficiency at work as well.