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Dynamics Certification Path Update: SQL Seniority Penalty, new MCSA, and MCSE

Some good and bad news.. So, after having blogged earlier this week and lamenting about no higher certifications for “Microsoft Dynamics AX/Operations/AX7/Operations and Financials”, I learned that Microsoft is now offering an MCSA and an MCSE for the new Dynamics Operations. This was welcome news. I had been strongly advocating this during the past 4 […]

Thoughts on the New Dynamics Operations and Financials Development Certification (MB6-890)

Today I got around to taking the only Dynamics Operations Technical exam during my lunch break from work. I passed it, but I thought I would write this post for all of you hard core technical people who are burning the midnight oil to keep those skills current and verified. It’s a challenge to keep […]

Improvements for Performance and Error Troubleshooting in Dynamics Operations

I absolutely love some of the new troubleshooting tools in Dynamics Operations. In what was superior architecture, Microsoft invested heavily in addressing many of the performance and strange errors seen in previous versions and making it easier for those of us in some sort of support role to get things going. I want to talk […]

Dallas/Fort Worth AXUG is Back, Last Chance to Register for Tomorrow

I normally don’t post something like this, but I’m really excited about our newly relaunched chapter of the AXUG in Dallas. Having worked with several of you in my hometown, I’m really looking forward to seeing some old friends and getting acquainted with news ones.    As a volunteer Chapter Lead, I can tell you […]

Case of Poor Performance in the Financials Causing Late Night Work Part 2

Now, we will learn a very powerful and undocumented approach towards tuning Dynamics Operations Performance in this post. In part 1, we started out by looking at a painful case of people having to work ridiculously long hours because the system was slow at certain times. We learned that this seemingly random behavior could be […]

Case of the Poor Performance in the Financials Causing Late Night Work

Disclaimer: the methods/scripts here aren’t in any books or blog posts(until now) and come straight from my experience of having a lot of AX Performance battles. Please understand that these methods are not officially supported by Microsoft. They’ve just helped me get through 40 implementations successfully…. I’ll tell you right now. No matter how big […]

Opinion Microsoft comes to their senses with Dynamics Operations On Premise

Imagine the scene at AXUG last year. The place is flocked with dedicated Dynamics enthusiasts and the hottest question of all is about when will Dynamics Operations be offered on premise. Now, imagine that a Microsoft Representative gets up and explains that there will be no on premise version and to get used to it. […]

An Example of Why You should Care so much about Dynamics Operations Security

Like many Senior Dynamics Architects, I spend countless hours testing and refining new architectural patterns before ever touching an assignment. I don’t write about most of the stuff that I create, but I recently made a fully functional Hybrid/On-Premise version of Dynamics Operations. I’m testing it out to see if I will ever be able […]

Alert – New Version of Tax Engine Caused Kernel Errors on 2012R2 version of Dynamics AX

Just finished one of those marathon weekends that every person whose job involves Support dreads.. You know, the one where you cancel all your great weekend plans because something unexpected and bad happened. Such was the case when a client of mine innocently downloaded the new version of the tax engine, tested it, and then […]

Walkthrough Deep Dive into Understanding Dynamics Operations (V7) Architecture Part 1

Disclaimer: This series contains tips and tricks that I will introduce, which are not officially supported by Microsoft and are mine alone. That being said, I’ve had the time to notice some very interesting repeating patterns with Dynamics Operations deployments. To ensure that we understand how to get the most out of our Dynamics Operation […]