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Dynamics Operations On Premise Tutorial Part 6A: Walking through an install

I’ve been finishing up on a huge Enterprise D365 on premise install and upgrade this month for an organization, and thought I would write a special post with a configuration that I tested out for them.  Predictably, a lot has changed since my day 1 install.  For one, the install is a lot more stable, and the […]

September 14th is our last Bash of the Year for the Dallas AXUG Chapter at Microsoft Campus

Wow, what a year for our Dallas Chapter!! Everyone has been so friendly and nice.  It’s just been awesome.  We’ve put together one more meeting for this year, and you don’t want to miss it!   We’ve loaded up the meeting with local SME’s who are bringing on the knowledge and helpful information. See below: 1. Power BI […]

Dynamics Operations On-Premise Tutorials Part 5B: Service Fabric on 3 machines for Dynamics 365 On Premise

Disclaimer: Due to the lack of documentation on Service Fabric, it took me a lot longer than normal to figure out how to get Service Fabric  and Dynamics 365 to work in a way that didn’t require up bunches of machines while still running well.  It goes without say that some of the methods used in this […]

Just 2 hours to go before my AXUG Webinar on D365 Migration

The AXUG and I have partnered up to make a webinar and we are packed with lots of hungry, intelligent learners – my favorite sort of people. I promise to overload everyone there with as much information as possible, which if you know me means all kinds of undocumented tips and tricks as well as […]

Dynamics Operations On-Premise Tutorial Part 5A: Understanding the Azure Service Fabric Install for On Premise

Disclaimer: This is a learning post to prepare you for what is coming when we significantly cut down on the number of machines for a Dynamics On Premise Install. Read it or follow the steps if you are a hands on learner like me.  You can do this post alone with part 4 from an […]

OnPremise Tutorials Part 4: Simple way to get modern Certificates and Security Correct for your Service Fabric, AX 7 (Dynamics Operations) installation

Contrary to popular mythology, we don’t have to use outdated legacy, fully exploitable sha1 security to run Dynamics 365 for operations.  This is probably the single biggest gotcha to being able to successfully implement Dynamics On-Premise and interface with the cloud in general. Symptoms of misconfigurations include clear text passwords, not being able to conduct […]

July changes to Dynamics Operations (AX 7) Certification and Amish Territory

Many years ago when I was new and a small town, junior programmer, an extremely accomplished senior software developer architect gave me some very precious advice. He told me that if I wanted to be successful as a developer than I would have to accept the fact that 20% of my knowledge will become outdated […]

On-Premise Tutorial Part 3: Getting the SQL Going for Dynamics Operations(AX 7) on Premise

There is an understanding of a product that you get by doing an install piece by piece and experiencing how the components fit together. You get a strong feel of where Dynamics will work and what it will be good at and where it will have issues. You also begin to see ways how to […]

Dynamics Operations On Premise Setup Part 2: Getting our Cheap On

I love the architecture of this build, but the requirements for a Sandbox environment have gone up from 2 machines (on average) to 13 machines. This alone could scare many people who want the benefits of having an on-premise component strategy on their implementations. But don’t fret, getting our cheap on will give us some […]

Tutorial Setting up your Dynamics 365 Operations and Finance (Dynamics AX7) On-Premises Environment Part 1

As everyone has heard, Dynamics On-Premise for Operations was released yesterday, and now everybody seems to want this installed fast. The problem is that new Day 1 releases often have lots of workarounds and missing instructions. But don’t worry, I am going to try to get you early evaluators covered in this series. I’m writing […]