About Brandon Ahmad

Brandon Ahmad is an Independent Senior Techno-Functional Architect, who specializes in Performance Tuning and Business Intelligence for Dynamics AX/365.  Considered by many to be the top Dynamics Operations Architect in the world, he has helped over 40 implementations and developed a reputation for solving some of the most difficult problems in the world.  During this time, he has held multiple positions with titles such as Lead Technical Architect, Lead Technical Solutions Developer, Techno-Functional Solutions Architect.  In addition, he holds 46 Microsoft Technical Certifications, including the highly coveted and most recent MCSE Business Applications for Dynamics 365 Operations.

Nicknamed, the Dynamics “Performance Whisperer” by some clients, one of his recent accomplishments includes rewriting Microsoft’s Performance Tuning Algorithm to produce the fastest Dynamics Enterprise MRP run in the world at under 20 minutes for a global company with over 1 billion dollars of revenue, a feat that Microsoft had been trying to achieve for the last 10 years and had deemed impossible due to the complexity of the algorithm.

He has won the top instructor award two times as awarded by Global Knowledge for teaching programming.  In 2013, he had the top ranked YouTube series teaching SQL Server reporting.  He is a regular speaker at conferences, webinars, and user groups.  He is also co-chapter lead of the Dallas AX User group.

Deeply passionate about technology, you can find original content written by Brandon with posts that mirror real life scenarios that he encounters.  Brandon has built his career and success on the belief that when the technical and functional aspects are together, implementations succeed.

Some recent performance tuning highlights include:

  • Found a way to rewrite the performance algorithm for the Master Planning Scheduling Engine to produce twenty-minute MRP runs for a billion dollar company. The average high performance MRP run for a large company is three and a half hours.
  • Rewrote the Project Module Invoicing process for a company to accommodate a volume of over 100,000 transactions per an invoice. The time to generate a large invoice went from 18 minutes to 15 seconds, saving countless hours in employee efficiency.



Brandon Ahmad is a freelance Dynamics Operations(AX) Techno-Functional Solutions Architect and Trainer who lives in Dallas, TX. He governs his practice by the saying that “Quality and Innovation aren’t everything, they are the only thing.

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