400% Average Performance Improvement

With a Money-Back Guarantee!

A fast system can save a business millions of dollars in time and efficiency. Performance tuning is taking critical business processes and ensuring that an ERP system can execute those processes in a timely fashion. This helps a business improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain a competitive advantage.

Unlike other performance tuning organizations that require full payment regardless of the outcome, Brandon guarantees quantifiable results agreed upon before engagement, or there is no charge for his services. His average performance improvement after tuning is 400%, with many achieving gains over 1,000%.

Brandon is considered one of the best performance tuners in the world. He has developed a custom performance tuning methodology called “Business Process Based Performance Tuning”.  In addition to traditional performance tuning which looks at hard counters, Brandon’s process carries out performance tuning in the context of actual, quantifiable results that are measured by increases in business efficiency.  Some examples would include reductions in employee hours to perform tasks, increases in warehouse efficiency, and speed in shipping orders.


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Strong Track Record

Over 40 different implementations worth of experience has made Brandon one of the most trusted techno-functional experts in the world.

Verifiable Credentials

Has achieved the highest testable credentials for Dynamics and Reporting, MCSE Business Applications and the MCSE Data Analytics

Dynamics Performance Tuning Wizard

A master of Dynamics Performance Tuning, having solved many mission impossible cases in the industry.

Reporting and Analytics

Half of all the implementations want Brandon for his deep BI skills, a large track record of reports, dashboards, and analytics.


Proven methodology for knowledge transfer so that employees can deliver productivity with Dynamics



Brandon Ahmad is a freelance Dynamics Operations(AX) Techno-Functional Solutions Architect and Trainer who lives in Dallas, TX. He governs his practice by the saying that “Quality and Innovation aren’t everything, they are the only thing.”

(469) 283-8688


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